Stand Up Comedians

If you’re a bar or nightclub owner, sometimes you may find it hard to separate yourself from your competition. There are many things you can do to attract new customers, like increase your advertising or have special promotion nights to draw in a new crowd. However, it can be difficult to find something that truly makes your establishment stand out among the rest.

Thankfully, stand-up comedians are one of the simplest and surest ways to draw a crowd. Everybody loves comedy, and you can turn almost any room with adequate seating into an impromptu comedy club. By offering live comedians in addition to your usual entertainment, you can be sure that you’ll be seeing more and more new business.

You may be wondering how to go about setting up a comedy club–how to book comics, how to promote the event, etc. At the Funny Business Agency, we have a special program set up just for people in your situation. In our Comedy Club program, we handle all of your comedy bookings–customized for your establishment and the tastes of your patrons–and we even provide promotional materials for your budding comedy club.

There’s no long-term commitment, so give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how your comedy club becomes the talk of the town–and with over 3,000 professional comics in our database, your show will never get stale. So if you’re looking for something to freshen up your nightspot, bring in some stand-up comedians and watch new customers follow.


Ever imagined you could be involved in a war like situation with a machine in your hand and eliminating enemy soldiers or terrorists one by one? Well it cannot be a real one though it can be simulated in the form of a video game.

Of course, such games have a complex programming lineage and are quite big with respect to their size. But with the advent of high speed Internet and it being easily available to the masses, it is quite easy and affordable to download games that consume a little more than average Internet bandwidth.

In the same genre there is this called the Delta Force which has been modeled on the actual Delta Force team that was put in place to counter terrorism, operations pertaining to intervention and even undertake rescue missions.

Delta Force is basically a tactical game type involving first shooter as the game player. It was primarily designed to be used as a military simulation and found much acceptance with the computer gamers.

It has been doing rounds of the computer gamers’ circle for it much publicized and appreciated for it game play kind model which did a good job of immersing a player into its flow.

There have been many iterations of this tactical first shooter game and with each iteration packed in more strategic pursuits / objectives and good graphics. There are many websites that allowed to delta force download to be played on a trial basis or till a consumer feels it is time to go for a full version and experience the war situation.

Nevertheless it is one of the tactical war games that gives you control to handle the situation and attain your objective in the specified time. So go ahead and launch that offensive on terrorism to bring the bad guys down.

Professional Comedians

If you’ve ever had to find comedians for any event before, you’ll know that there’s no shortage of people who call themselves comedians. You may have even been burned by an earnest-seeming newcomer who put your crowd to sleep–or worse, offended them. Rest assured that there are professional comedians out there, in all senses of the word.

To begin with, anybody performing for even a modest crowd should have plenty of stage presence, and enough material to last for a 45-minute set. Both of these take years of hard work and dedication to acquire, and have nothing to do with “talent.” No matter how cool he sounds on the phone, you never want to take a risk on a green comedian who wants to try a big gig “for the first time.”

Also, you want to have a comedian who is personable and courteous. Even if he has your audience in tears of laughter, you’re going to resent hiring a comedian who is unfriendly and demanding backstage. A real professional doesn’t have an ego, and never asks for anything that isn’t specified in his contract.

At the Funny Business Agency, our comedians are professionals in every way possible. We have been in business for over 25 years, and some of our comedians have worked with us for just as long. That means they’ve been in the business long enough to work up their skills, but are still a pleasure to work with. After all, you’re hiring a comedian to entertain, so you’d better make sure that you have a great time all around!

Planning A Company Picnic

If you’ve been put in charge of planning your company picnic, you may not be sure just where to start. The logistics of organizing a large event–especially if you work for a larger company–can be nightmarish. You may have your hands full making sure that you have enough napkins and relish, so don’t let the entertainment stress you out even more.

Give us a call at the Funny Business Agency, and based on what you tell us about your company and your co-workers, we’ll put together an outstanding lineup of entertainers just right for you. With over 3,000 comedians in our database, we’ll be able to match your needs with some of our best comedians for custom entertainment. And don’t worry–we know that people are going to be bringing their kids, so we’ll only book comedians who are appropriate for all ages.

Speaking of kids, we understand that many children are bored by stand-up comedians. Their parents may be shrieking with laughter, but kids don’t like jokes they don’t get, which is why we can bring in something just for them. At Funny Business, we also have inflatable rentals, so that you can have a whole playpen full of delighted children while their parents watch the comedians.

Once you’re on board with us, we take care of all the entertainment needs. You’ll be busy enough giving the same directions over and over again, so we take care of lodging for the comedians, and setting up the inflatables. Then, just maybe, you’ll get a chance to sit down and enjoy the picnic that you’ve worked so hard to put together.

Inflatable Rentals

When you’re planning an event like a company picnic or a holiday party, you want to make sure that there’s something for everyone to do. While most co-workers and their spouses can mingle and make small talk at a company party, there’s the inevitable cry from someone’s child: “I’m boooored!” Everybody dreads those words coming from their child, and every family crossly reminds their kids in the car not to whine at the important grown-up party.

Spare the kids the boredom and spare the parents the stress by providing something for kids of all ages to do while their parents enjoy the party. Kids are active creatures, so sitting them down in front of a movie isn’t going to solve the boredom problem–they want to play. So indulge their spirits, and rent a few inflatables for their entertainment.

At the Funny Business Agency, we have all kinds of inflatables–ranging from cute and soft playpens for younger kids to climbing walls and bungee-cord races for the older crowd. Kids of all ages love to romp on these big soft toys, and the air cushions make them quite safe from bruising. We even have water-powered inflatables for summer events, so make sure you bring your bathing suits!

In the end, everyone wants to bring their kids to corporate functions, so make the most of it. By entertaining the youngsters, you give the parents some much-appreciated time off to talk to each other and relax. Plus, the kids will look forward to coming back year after year, hungry for more inflatable adventures.

How to Find Plasma TV Entertainment Centers

Plasma TV entertainment centers have a very specific purpose: to complement and support your new plasma TV. Now that you’ve committed to a large TV and forked over a considerable amount of money, not just any entertainment center will do. Finding the right one can be a challenge, but these tips will lead you in the right direction.

Deciding Factors of Plasma TV Entertainment Centers

There are a couple necessary factors you have to consider when purchasing an entertainment center for a plasma screen TV.

A Big Screen TV

Screen size for plasma TVs runs more or less from 42 inches to over 100 inches, which means you’ve just bought a large TV. You need to find an entertainment center that can support that TV, or you need to mount the TV on a wall space big enough for it. Either way, the entertainment center you choose needs to complement the size of the plasma TV, while storing your other entertainment needs.

TV Function

While it may seem odd to ask what the function of a TV is, knowing how you use it will affect the kind of entertainment center you buy.

  • If your TV is the centerpiece of your room and acts as part of your décor, then you want to find an entertainment center that matches that décor and shows off the plasma screen TV.
    • Maybe you have a beautiful fireplace, and the TV is not the focal point of the room. Placing it in the corner of a room may require an entertainment center specifically built with a corner in mind.
    • When your plasma screen TV is the entertainment headquarters for you, your kids and all of your kids’ friends, then having a sturdy entertainment center for it with lots of storage is much more important.

Entertainment Centers That Last

When the technology first came out, the life of a plasma TV was quite short. However, that life has greatly improved and your TV can now last for many years to come. That means your new entertainment center will have to last a long time with it. Such elements as durability and design play a part in making it last as long as you can keep it.

Durable Materials

It goes without saying that a durable entertainment center for your TV needs to be made out of durable materials. One of the most durable is, of course, any kind of real wood. More contemporary centers are often made of other durable materials, such as metal. While glass can also provide a contemporary look, make sure the glass is thick enough to be shatterproof.

Do It Yourself

Your new entertainment center will most likely be on the larger side, and large furniture is often delivered with some assembly required. If you have to put it together yourself, make sure you have all the proper parts that support and hold the stand together. You don’t want it falling apart in a year or dropping your TV.


Believe it or not, design also plays a factor in how long entertainment centers last. If you plan on remodeling soon, don’t buy one that matches your current style, or you’ll end up with a large piece of furniture that doesn’t match the rest of your décor once you remodel. On the other hand, if you love the interior design of your home and hope to keep it for a long time, then make sure the new entertainment center matches that style.

Finding Corner Wide Screen Entertainment Centers

Finding corner wide screen entertainment centers that are right for your home can seem like a daunting task. Not only do you need one big enough to hold a widescreen TV, but you also need an entertainment center that can fit within a corner. With the right knowledge, getting one doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.

Corner Wide Screen Entertainment Centers – The Specifics

You can’t start looking for entertainment centers until you have the specifics of what you need. The two most important aspects of this kind of entertainment center are the size of the TV and the dimensions of the corner.

The TV

If you already have the TV, then you know exactly what size it already is. Which means, you already know that you need an entertainment center that will fit that size. If you don’t know what size it is, then it’s time to figure it out. But if you don’t yet have your widescreen TV, then you need to decide what size you want, and if that size fits in your home. Most widescreen televisions come in large sizes to accommodate for the widescreen aspect ratio and the purposes of viewing that ratio (movies and HD). Sizes can range from 32 inches to 65 inches and up.

The Corner

You need to know the dimensions of your corner for two reasons: one is to know if your television will fit in that space, and two is to make sure the entertainment center you buy will actually fit there. Without knowing the measurements ahead of time, there’s no way to ensure you’ll get an entertainment center that is appropriate for your house.

Your Entertainment Style

Knowing what your entertainment style is will also help determine what kind of entertainment center you need.


If you have a big family that likes to invite over the neighbors to watch the latest DVD release, or you like to get the whole family involved in a game of Wii bowling, then you need an entertainment center that can store all of your entertainment needs. Consider one that has a lot of storage space for DVDs, video games, game consoles, and more. That way you can have everything in one place, and you don’t need to spend time figuring out where you put your favorite movie.

Clean and Simple

When your entertaining style is all about the TV, then you probably don’t need a large piece of furniture with a lot of extra drawers and such. Look for something smaller and simpler that won’t take up much space, but that is big enough to support the size of your TV. Something in this style is often considered a TV stand as opposed to an entertainment center.

Your Décor

Last but not least, don’t forget to consider your home décor. You don’t want to bring a piece of furniture into your home that clashes with the current design. Things to consider are color, material, and overall sense of design.

Features of Flat Screen TV Cabinets

Before purchasing TV cabinets, you need to do some background work. You should bear in mind the size and shape of your TV. The size can be in the range of 29-inch screen to even a room-spanning advanced home theatre system.

Again, buying TV cabinets for flat screen TV sets is a different proposition. There are many attractive options for flat screen TV cabinets available in the market. There are various fine, elegant cabinets that conceal your flat screen TV.

Function of Flat Screen TV Cabinets

Flat screen TV cabinets serve a utility purpose as well by lifting your flat screen TV to eye level for you to watch and enjoy. They are made for ease of usage. You just a push a button and the flat screen TV will lift out of cabinet slowly and smoothly for you to view. Innovative lift action shuts off automatically if path is blocked. Your TV shuts off even as it’s lowered back into its cabinet for prevention of overheating.

Things to Consider when Buying Flat Screen TV Cabinets

You should decide according to your budget whether center drawers are necessary and if yes, how many! These make space for your DVD and CD. Certain cabinet base has spaces for additional components.

Flat screen TV cabinets come in various attractive wooden and metallic designs. There are various styles and shapes you can choose from. You may go for a trendy hardwood cabinet that will complement any room décor.

As mentioned above, ready-made cabinets also carry storage space for books, CD/DVDs and attractive decorative pieces. Flat screen TV cabinets are perfect for storing your latest TV model and impress your guests and enjoy a royal TV viewing experience. You can flaunt your elegant electronic asset in a distinctive albeit aesthetic way.


Can you imagine living an isolated life? Of course, you cannot live a life, in which there are no family members and friends. You are a social animal and are born to live with other social animals.

Your family and friends are the biggest support systems for you. Without them, you are nothing. There are many people, who have forgotten the importance of these relationships because they are too busy in earning money. All such people are quite unlucky, for they are living in darkness.

If you are also busy in earning big bucks, then you must find an answer to a question. For whom you are earning money? When you will search for the answer to this question, then you are going to know that it is your family, for which you are earning money. And your friends are almost like your second family. It means that it is your responsibility to give time to your family and friends. Giving time to them does not mean that you should sacrifice your professional lives.

All you need to do is to keep balance between your social and professional lives. And once you have done this, then you are all set to enjoy a satisfied and happy life.

When you get into some kind of problem, then it is not the money, which helps you, but it is your family and friends who make sure to take your out of the problem, as soon as possible. Similarly, when you are happy on your success, even then your family and friends are around you to celebrate your success.

Entertainment Furniture is Attractive and Highly Functional

In context of contemporary times, it’s not very difficult to point out know what classifies as entertainment furniture. Getting effective entertainment furniture has become essential owing to lack of space. It’s a common complaint heard in a majority of modern urban homes. The problem of space crunch becomes all the more critical when you want to organize your media & entertainment equipment in the available scanty space of your living room. This is where entertainment furniture comes into play!

Ready to use and custom made entertainment furniture

You have the option of selecting between ready to use entertainment furniture and custom made one. Customized entertainment centers offer the benefit of matching your audio-visual needs. When creating and customizing it look for a furniture size and style to match your television set or other equipment.

Even ready to use entertainment furniture is highly useful and functional as it helps in overcoming space crunch, provided you buy after giving it a proper thought. You need to spare some time and do some research to be able to locate the best home entertainment furniture.

Aspects to consider when buying entertainment furniture

There are many popular variants of unbranded or branded entertainment furniture in the market. However, when choosing home entertainment furniture, take into account not only style and looks, but also functionality and utility aspects. As mentioned above, pay attention to parameters like the size of your media equipment (including TV & DVD player).

Especially the size of your TV is crucial. If it is too heavy and big then you cannot afford to buy small sized furniture. It has to be in proportion to the size of the TV or else your entertainment furniture won’t be unable to hold it properly. This may also become a safety hazard.

Entertainment furniture is a worthwhile investment as it frees up space and helps cut down on clutter, and arrange your things in an organized way.