Is your computer so old it’s beyond upgrading or repair?

PC Pal can help you evaluate your computer system and determine if it is worth upgrading. If the system can be upgraded, I’ll provide you with an affordable estimate for all the necessary hardware and labor required to get your computer running at full speed. If upgrading doesn’t sound like a good option for your computer system, then check out a custom built computer from PC Pal.

Custom built systems are designed and built with you the end-user in mind! A custom computer from PC Pal has just what you need so you don’t spend extra money on fancy bells and whistles you may never use. I will provide you with a free consultation and review what applications you plan on using with the computer before we decide on the hardware required to build it.

For instance, if you’re playing games or working with hi-def video then we would need to include a really good video card for your custom computer. If you’re just the casual computer user who surfs the Internet and checks email, you won’t need the extra processing power from the video card, and therefore we wouldn’t need to build that into your system. This is just one example of how I can help you decide what you really need to be paying for instead of wasting money on unnecessary parts and hardware.

Also remember that all the parts and hardware that go into a custom computer from PC Pal are of the highest quality, and will last for several years under typical conditions. However, electronics & computers will eventually fail and when the time comes to replace a bad part in a custom computer from PC Pal, the cost of doing so won’t be nearly as expensive as it would have been for a name brand computer such as an HP, Dell, or Mac. This is because the parts used in a name brand system are typically proprietary parts and can only be replaced with like for like parts. All parts used in a custom built system from PC Pal are universal parts that can be replaced with parts from any manufacturer. Without the proprietary parts and service restrictions, you can save a great deal of cash when the time comes to upgrade or computer repairs Sydney.

I recently had a customer who needed a new motherboard for an HP computer. The computer warranty had just expired and when the customer called HP they were told they would have to buy a new computer because the motherboard was no longer available as a replacement computer part. The customer was obviously upset, and told HP there was no way they were buying another new computer from them if they couldn’t get parts for the one they had. Being as the system was less than 3 years old the customer brought it to me to see if I could do anything to help. I found a company that could replace the system board with a refurbished one, but it was going to cost more then the computer was worth. I finally convinced the customer to let me build them a new custom computer. I was able to salvage some parts from the HP, and I ordered what I didn’t have from my vendor. After everything arrived I quickly assembled the new computer and tested it. Everything was working great, and the customer was extremely grateful to get a new custom built computer for a fraction of the cost.

If you think this sounds like a great opportunity to get a new computer for a good deal, then give me a call and let’s discuss putting together a custom computer system for you. We may be able to use some of your existing hardware or we can start from scratch if you prefer. In the long run I think you’ll find it to be a much better investment then buying a name brand computer system with proprietary parts and service costs that can become a major hassle.

Need a web site to promote your small business or products?

PC Pal offers a basic web design package that will include everything the typical small business or hobbyist needs for an affordable web site. I can help you obtain a reliable hosting package through my affiliate Homestead. Once you’ve registered for the hosting account, I’ll design and setup your web site to meet your written specifications at an affordable price. Consider me your personal web site publisher!

Need help setting up a wireless network in your home?

I will setup and configure your home computer or laptop’s wireless network connection with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), connect a wireless router, update router firmware, and enable wireless encryption to make sure you’re protected from hackers and identity thieves.

No matter how complex your wireless project is I can help you maintain, troubleshoot, and secure your wireless home or small business network.