Lets not forget about Pippa Middleton!

Philippa Charlotte “Pippa” Middleton is no longer just Kate Middleton’s younger, shorter sister. The Royal Wedding has definitely changed that for her. Since the wedding she has not only gained her own bona fide celebrity status but has also managed to capture a very loyal Facebook following.
Pippa Middleton was born in 1983, the second of the three children of Michael Middleton, who was then a British Airways flight dispatcher. A party organiser, she is known to the British because of her sister and through the reporting of society news. Named the number-one society singleton by Tatler magazine in 2008, Pippa was considered all but engaged to Loudon. The couple began dating in December 2010. Loudon’s status with the Middleton family was underscored in April when he sat with them in the front row of Westminster Abbey for the royal wedding.
Although she may have recently broken up with beau Alex Loudon, the cricket-star-turned-banker, it seems that she may have traded him for an even wealthier lad. The paparazzi have caught her painting the town red with former flame George Percy, the son of the Duke of Northumberland and one of Britain’s richest men. As the duke’s eldest son, Percy stands to inherit a large fortune.Middleton’s appearances with Percy at a swanky Madrid nightclub and a posh London restaurant have prompted Britain’s newspapers to report that she and Loudon have separated. She has not been seen publicly with Loudon since the royal wedding on April 29
In addition to juggling her role at party planner Table Talk and editing an online magazine for her parents’ business Party Pieces, Middleton is expected to help lobby for government licenses to allow the energy firm to drill underground for hot water that can be turned into heat and electricity.

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