My 3 Top TV Channel Picks

From sitcoms to the current news, the people of The United States love TV. Television is a medium that has brought the nation together in times of crisis, and has given us needed laughs when things are bad. For all the bad talk heard about how television is a mindless pastime, the reality is that TV unites us and gives us common loves.

I love to watch TV. I prefer TV programs that pull me in and there are certain channels on cable TV that have great TV shows that you just can’t help but love. Here is a list of 3 cable TV channels that I love and watch on a regular basis:

The CW is an excellent channel. The CW mainly caters to the teenage crowd, but even middle aged women can get into these fun television shows. The CW really embraces the paranormal, with shows like Supernatural, The Secret Circle and Vampire Diaries. The latter two cater to that teen crowd I mentioned earlier, and so do shows like Gossip Girl. CW is known for picking up book based series. They were even host to Smallville!

FX isn’t just for movies. They cater to some wonderful programs. Some of my favorites are Justified and Sons of Anarchy. The new Charlie Sheen show, Anger Management, is also an FX original and will prove to be some great television viewing.

AMC is a stellar place to watch movies, especially classic movies of any age. But, the reason I love AMC is the recently discovered zombie series, The Walking Dead. This show is awesome, bringing zombies from mere book and movie stars to television stars too. The Walking Dead will be starting their 3rd season when they return to tv.

There are many more television channels that I love, if merely just for their shows, but these are definitely the top 3

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