Wedding Photography Tip: How to Get Bookings

photographyThe most important of all wedding photography tips that we could give is how to get bookings for your wedding photography service.

No bookings = No business.

The key ways to get the phone ringing are: advertising; wedding fayres; referrals; word of mouth.

The initial contact will usually be a phone call or chat at a wedding fayre. The aim of this is to book a meeting, so ensure you take the couples details, the date, time and venue of the wedding, their home addresses and contact telephone numbers. Explain that it would be helpful to pay them a visit, to show a sample of your work and to see if you are the right wedding Canberra photographer for them.

Wedding photography tip: what equipment do you need to shoot a wedding?
Is it essential for a wedding photographer Perth WA to have all the latest camera equipment? Do you need a full frame camera? Should you shoot a wedding with zoom or prime lenses? For a discussion about wedding photography equipment click on this link: Photography equipment

The Wedding Photography Blueprint is one of the best training materials that I have seen on the topic of professional wedding photography.

Video training is used effectively, to actually show you how to take stunning images during a wedding, and how to process these afterwards.

It is all you need to get started. A complete package, covering all aspects, including the method and technique of photographing weddings and also business and marketing aspects.

This course is far cheaper than most wedding photography courses. As I mentioned, I paid over £2000 for professional wedding photography training. This course will give you the confidence to take bookings right away. You could be earning £1000 plus per wedding, making this course extremely good value for money.

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