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photographyThe challenges for an event photographer are basic. In this niche the photographer must be successful at getting the word out about who we are, at what we do and why we’re better than the ‘other’ photographer. Effective tools to attract more customers are critical. Business cards, flyers and online galleries, when used effectively, attract warm customers.

An online gallery is a very effective tool for corporate event photography. Depending on the event photographed, your gallery can be static or interactive. Experienced photographers have online galleries that are automated. The basic process works as follows:

• The christchurch photographers attends the event and takes pictures and makes his web site address very available (all online galleries have a web site address – it should be simple to access).
• The photographer uploads the photos of the event to the online gallery.
• Customers that attended the event and want to see and/or acquire the pictures access the web site, views the photos, and orders the photos (if they choose).
• The online gallery fills the customers’ orders.

The photographer doesn’t have to interact with the customer unless they decide to do so.
The online photo gallery should be easy to access and have recognizable photos (of activities at the event photographed).

The photos contained in this gallery are some of my favorite type of photos. First of all, I’m a big Blues fan. I get a great deal of enjoyment photographing blues singers and musicians. Unfortunately, I can’t sell the photos because I don’t have the rights to the celebrity images of the artists. But, I do own the photos. I don’t sell them. I enjoy looking at them and sharing them with others.

The event was the 2004 Long Beach Blues Festival. This event is billed as the largest Blues Festival west of the Mississippi river. Many other Blues lovers asked me how they could see the photos that I was taking. At the time, I uploaded them to a web site that they could view the photos and download them, if they chose. These are the most popular of the requested photos of the event.

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