What Type of Flat Screen TV Entertainment Center Is Right for You?

A flat screen TV entertainment center needs to support your TV, store your entertainment necessities and, more importantly, look good with you new TV. The TV stand your old, bulky TV was on just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Taking into account a few simple factors will help you find the type of entertainment center that’s right for your new TV.

Flat Screen TV Entertainment Center – What to Consider

When choosing an entertainment center for you flat screen TV, taking cues from the TV itself will help you narrow down the options.


The size of your television will play a big part in what kind of stand you get. If you bought a small 15-inch TV to put in your bedroom or kitchen, you may not even want a stand to put it on. But if you splurged on a 65-inch TV to be the centerpiece of you room, then you’re going to need an entertainment center that can accommodate it.


The location of your TV and the logistics of that location will also help determine the type of cabinet that you need. If your TV is currently in the corner, look into one that is specifically made to take advantage of that kind of space. If you want your flat screen TV to be front and center as the main attraction, then you’ll want a unit that shows it off best.

Wall Unit or Stand

Full wall units offer both a designated space for your television and plenty of other drawers and shelves for a DVD player, DVDs, games and more. If you decide to go this route, remember to measure your TV to make sure it fits in the central space. On the other hand, wall units can look bulky, and if your TV is rather large, a cabinet that you place your TV on top of may be more convenient. With these types of entertainment centers, you’ll still have plenty of storage space for your other items.

Hanging It Up

Those going for a clean, minimal look may want to look into mounting the TV on the wall. Though it may seem like that solves the issue, you will probably need a piece of furniture to store your other entertainment gear, such as game consoles and DVDs. In this case, a smaller cabinet will probably work best for you.

Your Personal Entertainment Center Style

The choices don’t end there. While the size of the TV and where you put it can dictate a lot, there is still the matter of your own personal style to consider. Having an entertainment center that blends in with your existing décor will make you happier with the choice you’ve made.


Some people like the warmth of wood, and others like the modern look of glass or metal. Deciding what material you want your TV cabinet to be made of is one more factor that can help you narrow down the options.


If material is more important to you, then the color may be decided by that. But if color is more important to you, take a look at the current style of your room. If you want theentertainment center to blend in, choose a complementary color to your walls and furniture. If you want it to pop, pick an accent color that works with your décor, but still makes your TV stand out.