Trade Show Entertainment

Perhaps the best part about a trade show is seeing all the latest advances in technology. No matter what your business, there’s bound to be at least a handful of booths showcasing the latest gadget that’s going to revolutionize your business. Sure, they don’t all take off, but there’s always a long line to see just what the new gizmo can do, and maybe operate it yourself if you’re lucky.

If you’re planning a booth for a trade show, you can capitalize on this spirit of marvel by gearing your entertainment towards similar technological toys. Even if they have nothing to do with your industry, visitors love to play with high-tech entertainment. There’s no easier way to make sure that your booth has the longest line at the convention.

Whether you set up a virtual golf booth, an M-4 motion simulator, or a video dance party, you’ll be sure to attract people that might otherwise overlook you. This can be especially valuable for startup companies who want their name to be out there–just set up an entertainment booth, and hand out stickers and fliers with your announced launch date. Visitors will remember you, and look forward to your business debut.

At the Funny Business Agency, we have dozens of trade show entertainment gizmos for you to choose from. What’s more, you can call and talk to one of our fun engineers for a free brainstorming session. We’ll help you decide what kind of floor entertainment best suits your company, and make sure that everything goes off smoothly.