Ever imagined you could be involved in a war like situation with a machine in your hand and eliminating enemy soldiers or terrorists one by one? Well it cannot be a real one though it can be simulated in the form of a video game.

Of course, such games have a complex programming lineage and are quite big with respect to their size. But with the advent of high speed Internet and it being easily available to the masses, it is quite easy and affordable to download games that consume a little more than average Internet bandwidth.

In the same genre there is this called the Delta Force which has been modeled on the actual Delta Force team that was put in place to counter terrorism, operations pertaining to intervention and even undertake rescue missions.

Delta Force is basically a tactical game type involving first shooter as the game player. It was primarily designed to be used as a military simulation and found much acceptance with the computer gamers.

It has been doing rounds of the computer gamers’ circle for it much publicized and appreciated for it game play kind model which did a good job of immersing a player into its flow.

There have been many iterations of this tactical first shooter game and with each iteration packed in more strategic pursuits / objectives and good graphics. There are many websites that allowed to delta force download to be played on a trial basis or till a consumer feels it is time to go for a full version and experience the war situation.

Nevertheless it is one of the tactical war games that gives you control to handle the situation and attain your objective in the specified time. So go ahead and launch that offensive on terrorism to bring the bad guys down.