Professional Comedians

If you’ve ever had to find comedians for any event before, you’ll know that there’s no shortage of people who call themselves comedians. You may have even been burned by an earnest-seeming newcomer who put your crowd to sleep–or worse, offended them. Rest assured that there are professional comedians out there, in all senses of the word.

To begin with, anybody performing for even a modest crowd should have plenty of stage presence, and enough material to last for a 45-minute set. Both of these take years of hard work and dedication to acquire, and have nothing to do with “talent.” No matter how cool he sounds on the phone, you never want to take a risk on a green comedian who wants to try a big gig “for the first time.”

Also, you want to have a comedian who is personable and courteous. Even if he has your audience in tears of laughter, you’re going to resent hiring a comedian who is unfriendly and demanding backstage. A real professional doesn’t have an ego, and never asks for anything that isn’t specified in his contract.

At the Funny Business Agency, our comedians are professionals in every way possible. We have been in business for over 25 years, and some of our comedians have worked with us for just as long. That means they’ve been in the business long enough to work up their skills, but are still a pleasure to work with. After all, you’re hiring a comedian to entertain, so you’d better make sure that you have a great time all around!