Cairns Scuba Diving

The islands of Cairns are too superb for words as to the excellent scuba diving they offer. If you are a diving enthusiast, then pack your bags and prepare for any of the Cairns diving holidays. Most of the resorts in the Cairns islands feature learn to dive cairns serviced by many professional diving instructors. If you want to enjoy Cairns scuba diving, you have to visit some of the best diving sites such as great barrier reef,  Outer barrier reef.

The best is to dive on the Outer Reef which is about 60km from Cairns is home to some of the most fabulous diving options along with encounters with marine life such as black coral, barracuda, large batfish groups, black spotted sweeptlips, etc.

You can really enjoy some fantastic Cairns diving at Manta point with fabulous encounters with the famous Manta Rays.

Scuba diving in the Shark Point area gives you a once in a lifetime thrilling experience as you can have many encounters with the various sharks at regular intervals during the dive. Friendly sharks like that of the Gray reef sharks and Whitetip reef sharks will generally come across to see you during the wonderful course of the dive.