Inflatable Rentals

When you’re planning an event like a company picnic or a holiday party, you want to make sure that there’s something for everyone to do. While most co-workers and their spouses can mingle and make small talk at a company party, there’s the inevitable cry from someone’s child: “I’m boooored!” Everybody dreads those words coming from their child, and every family crossly reminds their kids in the car not to whine at the important grown-up party.

Spare the kids the boredom and spare the parents the stress by providing something for kids of all ages to do while their parents enjoy the party. Kids are active creatures, so sitting them down in front of a movie isn’t going to solve the boredom problem–they want to play. So indulge their spirits, and rent a few inflatables for their entertainment.

At the Funny Business Agency, we have all kinds of inflatables–ranging from cute and soft playpens for younger kids to climbing walls and bungee-cord races for the older crowd. Kids of all ages love to romp on these big soft toys, and the air cushions make them quite safe from bruising. We even have water-powered inflatables for summer events, so make sure you bring your bathing suits!

In the end, everyone wants to bring their kids to corporate functions, so make the most of it. By entertaining the youngsters, you give the parents some much-appreciated time off to talk to each other and relax. Plus, the kids will look forward to coming back year after year, hungry for more inflatable adventures.