Can you imagine living an isolated life? Of course, you cannot live a life, in which there are no family members and friends. You are a social animal and are born to live with other social animals.

Your family and friends are the biggest support systems for you. Without them, you are nothing. There are many people, who have forgotten the importance of these relationships because they are too busy in earning money. All such people are quite unlucky, for they are living in darkness.

If you are also busy in earning big bucks, then you must find an answer to a question. For whom you are earning money? When you will search for the answer to this question, then you are going to know that it is your family, for which you are earning money. And your friends are almost like your second family. It means that it is your responsibility to give time to your family and friends. Giving time to them does not mean that you should sacrifice your professional lives.

All you need to do is to keep balance between your social and professional lives. And once you have done this, then you are all set to enjoy a satisfied and happy life.

When you get into some kind of problem, then it is not the money, which helps you, but it is your family and friends who make sure to take your out of the problem, as soon as possible. Similarly, when you are happy on your success, even then your family and friends are around you to celebrate your success.