Corporate Comedy

When booking for a corporate event, people too often overshoot the goal of being inoffensive. Obviously, corporations employ people of all races and creeds, and it’s critical not to make anybody feel put upon by the entertainment. However, there are plenty of ways to be funny without being crude, but without being overly sanitized–real humor comes from common human feelings and situations.

In the quest to be “corporate friendly,” some comedians clean up their act to the point that it’s sterile. In the end, they aren’t left with very much to work with, and really aren’t all that funny. Anybody who’s been to a trade show or corporate party knows what it’s like to sit through an hour of cubicle jokes, and it’s probably worse than an hour of just sitting in a cubicle.

At the Funny Business Agency, we work with some of the best comedians in the business, and we really mean the BEST. No comedian gets into our database unless they can make us laugh ourselves blue, so you don’t have to worry about getting someone funny. The reason our comedians stand out from other “clean” comedians is that they are true professionals who know the real elements of humor.

You never know what kind of crowd you’ll be entertaining any given night of a convention or trade show, so you need to be prepared for anything. The best way to do this is to hire a comedian who really is funny to everyone, regardless of social background. At Funny Business, we know that humor has heart, and our comedians show it each and every day.