Convention Entertainment

A large convention can be a city’s best friend. The sudden influx of business travelers puts a huge flush of money into the local economy–between hotels, dining out, and buying souvenirs, every city loves to host nearly any convention that it can. Because of this economic benefit, cities can vie fiercely over where a specific convention will be hosted, or there can be tension between cities hosting rival conventions.

Since the goal of a convention is to attract as many industry professionals as possible, you need to make sure that people have a good time at your convention. Not only do you want the business contacts that can be gained from a convention, but you want people to come back next year. You have to make your convention stand out from the rest, then, since few businesses send delegates or booths to more than one convention.

Aside from keeping the floor professional and your seminars engaging, you need to actually entertain your guests. There’s no better way to entertain a crowd than to keep them laughing, and a happy crowd is a crowd that’s coming back for more. Even if the rest of your convention is flawless, it may often be the entertainment that cements the loyalty of your guests.

At the Funny Business Agency, we have some of the best comedians in the business, and we will find the perfect comedian for your convention. We have over 25 years experience, and any comedian we send you will have plenty of experience with clean, fun humor for convention gatherings. They might even be able to make up some material based on your industry–whether a convention for comic books or coffee beans!