Clean Comedians

Everybody loves a good laugh, and a great comedian can turn a great event into an absolutely amazing one. Still, many people are reluctant to hire comedians for their special events because many comedians have the reputation for being uncouth. At the Funny Business Agency, however, you won’t have to worry–our comedians are classy, sophisticated, and hilarious.

Many comedians take the easy road to cheap laughs: sex gags, profanity, ethnic stereotypes, and crass impersonations. It’s a shame that these people give all comedians a bad reputation, since there are so many working comedians who can get better laughs from cleaner material. Most of the most respected comedians in the industry refuse to use foul language or toilet jokes in their acts, because they prefer to earn laughs through more sophisticated humor.

This should come as great relief to those who have refrained from hiring comedians for fear of trashy humor. At the Funny Business Agency, we only work with the best in the business–and that means that you won’t have to fret about offending your audience. For those who love comedy, you can share the gift of laughter, knowing it’ll be appropriate for all ears.

Hiring a comedian who works with clean material gives you the best of both worlds. You get riotous comedy, which in most cases is even funnier than its offensive counterpart. Plus, you can have an audience of all ages, races, and religious backgrounds, and have everyone enjoy the show equally.