How To Become A Vampire

So, do you really want to become a vampire? A real life one? Do you want to drink people’s blood? Bite them from their necks? What else? Howl at the full moon?

Hey, my dear reader, if you’re here, it could be from one of the following reasons:

You’re in desperate need for an original Halloween costume but you want to stay within the classics limits, so all you can think of are vampires, skeletons and creepy, rotten masks to scare the hell out of your neighbor’s kids

You’re a big fan of the New Moon movie and of Robert Pattinson

You’re a dreamer and you can’t tell dreams from reality anymore

Vampire stories seem to be fascinating people across different cultures. Each ethnic group has its local version of vampires. This could be an explanation for the success of movies and novels based on this archetype. For instance, Africa has Adze, which is a vampire spirit dwelling among the Ewe, takes a firefly shape and drinks blood but also coconut water and palm oil.

Arabia has Algul, a female vampire living in dead cemeteries. In Malaysia, vampires appear as cats, they threaten children and they are known as Bajang. When they take the shape of a woman, such vampires are known as Langsuir. Scottish people have the Baobhan-sith, the beautiful maiden dressed in green, that lures and kills her victims.

Filipinos believe that vampires were the ones who planted taro on their islands in the beginning of time. Their vampires are called Danag and they drink human blood. Even Aztecs had a witch-vampire, the Civatateo, who was supposed to be a woman who died in childbirth, and who killed babies ever since. Ancient Babylonia and Assyria had Ekimmu. The ways to become an Ekimmu were sudden death, improper burial or sometimes unfulfilled love.

Greek mythology knew Empusas, a vampire serving goddess Hecate. There’s even a vampire of unknown origins, the Incubus, who paid nightly visits to female victims, and who was believed to be able to get them pregnant.

If we were to count which country has the most vampires, I think India could easily win, with about ten species of vampires with different origins and habits.

Basic Steps in Becoming a Vampire

Study all types of vampires known and decide which one is closest to your preferences. I’m sure most of you know how human blood tastes, as sucking the wound from a paper cut is quite a common gesture. And we all handle lots of papers when we are young.

Find a contact lenses shop and see what models they have. Usually, it won’t take long until finding some really spooky ones, so your vampire eyes are relatively easy to obtain.

For decent vampire clothing, you’ll need a Halloween costumes shop, but that’s not a must. You can always shred some old pants and a long T shirt and stain them with some red dye.

Teeth are important, as they will be your main blood sucking tools. Vampire teeth kits are available for purchase in any party accessories shop, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s basically the external transformation, which is easy and relatively cheap. However, if you’re serious in becoming a vampire, then you need to start behaving like one, you need to start thinking like one, you need to change your living habits so they match the vampire style. I’d suggest you try this for one month before buying all your vampire arsenal, then see if you’re still keen on doing it or you’d better ask a girl for a normal date, buy her flowers and take her to a movie. You know, being a vampire could affect your love life, as there aren’t too many girls dreaming to be drained out of blood by their lovers. You’ll probably need to use a vampire dating website and honestly, I don’t know if there are any. And even if they were, I very much doubt they’d be populated with too many female users. The average girl’s mind is at clothing, beautiful make up and boys and not at how to become a vampire.

Babysitter Games

Being a babysitter is a big responsibility for anyone, whether you are a teen or an adult. Making it a fun experience for both you and the children is another story. You might be going into a babysitting job thinking you’ll have an easy time of it, get to watch movies, play on your iPhone, and chat on the phone with your friends. Sure, you may get a job like that if the kids are put to bed right away, but if they are up and awake you will need some ideas to keep them entertained. No question about it, you are the entertainment!

Here are a few ideas and tips for babysitter games and other activities that will help you keep the kids entertained. Who knows, they may like the experience so much that they’ll request you back!


Plan a crafting activity that can be done with the children you are babysitting. You will need to choose something that is able to be done by each of the children’s age groups, but it is often easy to modify a project for younger children by helping them out or making it simpler. It is fun for them to make a craft item that they can give away to someone else, such as their mother for Mother’s Day, or something for Father’s Day, or perhaps a Grandparent is having a birthday.

One idea for babysitting crafts is to make tissue paper flower bouquets. At your local dollar store, get different colored tissue paper and some children’s scissors and craft glue. Making tissue paper flowers is as easy as cutting long strips of tissue paper, rolling it up and gluing it every now and then. At the end, glue it and begin to peel back the layers to make them appear like petals. Instructions for making these and other types of tissue paper flowers can be found online.

Birthday cards are another fun thing to do with kids. Bring over a few scrapbooking supplies and help the kids make a birthday card for Dad.

Board Games

Most families have a selection of board games in a cupboard somewhere. Ask the parents, before they leave for the evening, where they are kept. Kids are always asking adults to play games with them and this is a good opportunity for them to get the games out of their systems, plus it will keep them entertained. Explain the game rules to the children and play along with them.

Card Games

Card games like Uno, Memory, or Go Fish are easy for kids to pick up. Some of these are good for educational purposes as well. If the family does not have any card games, then bring some of your own along. Bringing a selection of things such as babysitter games with you that the kids do not see that often will make them more interested in playing along.


The family that you are babysitting for will most likely have a selection of cartoons and movies on DVD that you can show the children, however it is more fun for them if you bring something from your own collection. Make sure the parents are ok with you showing it to them first!


There are many kid-friendly websites that have online games for children. Both educational and recreational games can be found. Again, make sure the parents are ok with you allowing the kids online, supervised, while they are gone. They may have rules about t.v. and computer that mean the kids have limited watching time per week.

Educational Babysitter Games

Using your babysitting time to teach educational games and activities with the kids is something that the parents will really appreciate. Doing homework isn’t necessarily fun, but with the right attitude, kids will go along with it. There are also a lot of educational games available on the market which will help in this manner, but you can also make up your own.

Here is one idea:

Using index cards, print a letter on each card. Hand out each child a set number of cards as well as yourself. Play the game similar to Uno, where one card is placed upright next to the deck of leftover cards, face down. Going around the circle, in order, have each child play a card of a letter that they can 1. say the letter name, 2. say the letter sound, and 3. say a word that begins with that letter. (Depending on the age of the child, you may want to have them just do #1 or #2 instead.) If they get it right, they can ‘play’ the card. This is a fun game that I do with my 5 year old and he loves it!


All kids like to be read to, especially before bed. One of the best ways of entertaining children and introducing them to the wonders of the written word is to pick a good story book and read it to them. We’re not talking a board book or small children’s book that a child can read themselves, we are talking a big long work of fiction. One that is a book that you bring and read to them a chapter or two each time you babysit, providing it is a regular job. It will keep them asking for more! Check with the parents first, but here are a few ideas of books to get started: Charlotte’s Web, Treasure Island, Little House on the Prairie,Chronicles of Narnia, etc.

Game Jar

Prior to the babysitting job, cut a bunch of strips of paper out. Write an activity on each strip of paper, fold it up and put it in the jar. When you are at the house, this is a great babysitting game to play with the kids. Allow each child to pick out one piece of folded paper. Then all of you will play the game or activity that is on the paper. After playing the game, then let the next child pick out a paper and then everyone play that game as well. Let them each have a turn. Make sure the activities are doable or it won’t make sense to the kids if you have to say no to it.


Bring coloring books and crayons with you when you go babysitting. Make these special books that you bring on the job and take home when you leave. This will help make them special to the kids. If they see them everyday, they will be less interested in playing with them, but if you take them away when you leave they will want to see them again.

Babysitter games are easy to come up with. If you are looking for more ideas, take a look online and see what else you can come up with. Check in your games closet at home and bring some of your own board games over. Or, best of all, put yourself in the kids’ shoes. Think like a child and decide what you would have wanted to do if you were that age. You most likely end up with a lot of babysitter games that you can use for future babysitting jobs.

Arianna Afsar: Girl Next Door

It is indeed true that the United States of America has become the melting pot of the world and this is manifested by one of its most popular reality TV shows, American Idol. Over the years, the singing competition show has accumulated contestants from different backgrounds and heritage.

Another American Idol trend is that its contestants, as well as its winners, have been getting younger and younger. 2007 winner Jordin Sparks was only 17 when she won and last year’s finalist, David Archuleta, was the same age as well. Both trends are seen in a current American Idol contestant, Arianna Afsar, a teenager of Bangladesh heritage who has just turned 17 years old. She is part of the Top 36 and is set to perform with the rest of Group 3 next week.

Arianna Afsar first wowed the judges when she auditioned in Phoenix Arizona (although she is from San Diego), singing “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae. The judges were won over by her sweet personality and her clear, jazzy voice. She received four yeses and got the yellow ticket to Hollywood. While Hollywood week was tough for a lot of the contestants, what with the group fights, cracked voices, and stage fright – Arianna survived Hollywood week and moved on to the next round as part of Top 36. Fans of Arianna Afsar will have to wait until next week to find out if Arianna will get into the Top 12 of American Idol season 8.

Arianna Afsar is no stranger to the stage. She began singing when she was 6 years old and has joined a number of teen beauty competitions such as the Miss California’s Outstanding Teen Competition and went on to be the runner up for the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Competition in 2005. Arianna first began singing musical theater with roles such as Cindy Lou in the “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” Just recently, Arianna starred as Gabriella Montes in the “Disney’s High School Musical” production of J* Company. She also uses her singing talents for the good and has founded the “Adopt a Grandfriend” group and often entertaining the elderly with her voice.

Arianna also sings pop songs and has a repertoire of more than a hundred. She has also sung the national anthem in a number of games of the San Diego Padres. However unlikely it may sound, Arianna Afsar is also a very studious girl. She has mentioned that her favorite subject is Math and she once took advanced classes for the subject. Arianna goes to Westview High School in San Diego, California.

While Arianna may not have an off-the-charts personality that might keep American Idol fans fascinated, her smooth voice, pleasant charm, and attractive looks have the potential to bring her far in the competition. As the judges always say, it’s not just how good your voice is, but it’s also about the song choice. We will see next week whether Arianna Afsar chooses the right song that can carry her over to be a Top 12 finalist.

Alexander Thugman – For People Who Like Personality and Nice Boys

If you adore nerds, witty personality and nice good boys, this American Idol aspirant may just be the pick for you. Alexander Thugman wins the heart of many American Idol viewers, not just because geeks are in, but because there is something very endearing about this 19-year college old student. There might just be a place for him in this season’s top runners.

From Studio City, California, Alex went to Phoenix, Arizona to get to the American Idol audition. Dropping responsibilities in school, even just for a day, is a big deal for someone as grade-conscious as Alex. “I missed a Spanish test for this. If I don’t do it, I’ll probably get a B.”, he narrated. It seems that Alex has musical dreams that he could fulfill outside university.

Upon entering the audition room for Idol, Simon makes a remark “You just came out of the closet.” An average male teenager would have not been able to respond to such words, but Alex comes back with to Simon with a witty remark saying that he used to practice singing in the closet. Alex Thugman is truly no average teenager.

Alex, seemingly timid and shy, sang “Baby come to me” by James Ingram. Although Paula mentioned that she found the audition surprising. Randy has attested that Alex’s voice has a weird tone, yet he congratulates the contestant for singing in pitch. Alex managed to impress all three judges except Simon who did not find anything extraordinary with his audition. Nonetheless, three yeses had gotten Alex through to Hollywood.

“It actually worked,” Randy Jackson defends as Alexander Thugman leaves the room with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Hollywood week became tougher for Alex. The judges remained undecided until the last minute. To help the judges make the decision, Alex was called to render a song of his choice to convince the judges to choose him to stay. The catch is that he had to sing against one of the other contestants. The sing off was an emotional challenge for Alex since he had to sing against Cody Sheldon, who has come to be very close to him throughout the competition. Cody failed to impress the judges, thus making the judges lean towards Alex’s favor.

Alexander Thugman may not boast of the best voice in the competition, but his endearing personality helps him advance in the competition. At age 19, he is now part of American Idol Season 8’s top 36. From a regular responsible student, he is on the race towards becoming the next American Idol. He just needs a little more work for him to stand out in this competition. As we all know, wanting to get to the top may not be enough to take him there.

Simon did make a strong remark on Alex’s audition day, “You cannot do well in this competition”.

Check For Certain Factors Before Saying ‘Yes’ to A Wedding DJ

Has the date of your wedding been fixed? Well, it is a grand day in everyone’s calendar for many reasons. A wedding is the day you become the center of attraction and leave everyone amazed with your new aesthetic avatar. It is a start of new phase of life and you want everything to be well-managed and of grandeur. Right from dress selection to catering, decoration to wedding DJ Perth, everything needs to be of higher quality and guest oriented.

Talking about sydney dj hire, one thing you must know that it is becoming favorite and one of the key attractions of today’s wedding events. Just like other mandatory services such as, makeup, catering and decorating service, wedding DJ services are too in demand. People prefer all these newly emerged DJ services because of their many features.

  • These DJ services are highly professional with industrial experience.
  • They are not so expensive to avail.
  • They have 24/7 customer service to receive request and process it immediately.
  • Today’s DJ service is very much flexible and highly accessible. The service providers allow their clients to have control over their track list and play only those numbers that are preferred by them
  • All of them are well-equipped with all the instruments needed and backed by advanced technology.
  • They are qualified in their field and make sure clients are pleased with their excellent service.
  • If you are organizing a theme wedding party, do inform them to dress like that or else they are always dapper looking and easily adjustable with high-profile parties.

In Melbourne, availing Melbourne wedding dj service has become one of the common trends and guests are too familiar with this custom. It is not only a source to create fun but also defines one’s societal standard. However, all this fun and amusement may become a nightmare if you fail to choose the right DJ at reasonable price. As it has already been told above that numbers of wedding dj wedding dj sydney services are available these days in the market but it does not mean everyone is going to give you the best value for your money. Only a few can live up to your dream and become one of your favorites. Check certain factors related with them –

  • Ask them about their professional experience.
  • How large and wide their client base is.
  • Are their charges worth paying or not?
  • Do they have professional liability license?
  • Ask about their back-up if the sound system breaks down.
  • Make sure they are agreed upon the dress code you suggest.
  • Make sure they have collection of best recent times’ club music.