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Your entertainment center is the focal point of your living room or can even be a beautiful addition to your master bedroom. Wherever you might be considering putting an entertainment center, you need to pick the right unit for your storage needs as well as your décor. The term entertainment center can apply to a number of different units, but typically entertainment centers are attractive pieces of furniture that house your television, DVD player, VCR, stereo, and other electronic equipment. Entertainment centers can also come with or without shelves and cabinets for your books, media, and decorations. It is important that you find an entertainment center that fits your needs.

Entertainment Centers – Variety

Finding the right entertainment center for your living room should be fairly easy. There are many different styles and finishes out there, from wood to metal and glass. What may be difficult is finding an entertainment center that fits your television, the dimensions of your living area, and meets your storage needs. There are a couple different types of entertainment centers available:

Wall Units or Entertainment Armoires- Your most traditional center, a wall unit fits up against your wall and can come with a variety of TV spaces and storage options.

  • Corner Units – Usually a bit more compact than your typical wall unit, a corner unit is great for smaller homes and apartments because it still offers storage, but will fit conveniently into the corner of your living area.
  • TV Carts – Probably the most basic type of entertainment center, a TV cart has room for your television to sit on top of it with limited storage underneath.
  • Closed Shelving – The majority of traditional entertainment centers have closed shelving, which means that the shelves are protected inside a cabinet.
  • Open Shelving – Very modern entertainment centers can have open shelving. Because the unit does not have sides, open shelving gives a very spacious feel to your living room.
  • Plasma Lifts – A plasma lift conceals your plasma television inside a cabinet and lifts it out, usually in a matter of seconds, when you want to watch television. This arrangement protects your plasma TV from dust, debris, and damage.

Shopping for Entertainment Centers

Take a good look at your living room. How big or little does your entertainment center need to be? Once you figure out the best size for your unit, you can start shopping for the right entertainment center for your home. Look online and at your local furniture stores to compare prices and check out different styles. Make sure to measure your television and other equipment so that you know how much space you will need. Always check your return policy so that if your entertainment center doesn’t quite match your rug you know if you can take it back or if you will have to refinish it and make it work in your living room. Sometimes garage sales and swap meets can have the perfect unit for your home, provided you don’t mind dusting it off.

It is important that your entertainment center not only hold your television and equipment, but that it brings together your room. Take your time and shop around. There are lots and lots of entertainment centers on the market. You never know where your perfect entertainment center might be hiding.