Ricky Braddy – Closing a Door & Opening Window

Ricky Braddy is one of the luckiest people who got into the Top 36 contestants who will move on to the next round in Hollywood out of all the millions who tried their luck and auditioned. This 25-year old guy auditioned in Louisville at Kentucky. Ricky Braddy was one of the first 12 contestants who performed and unfortunately, he did not garner a lot of votes that will make it enough for him to move on to the next round and become one of the 12 finalists.

He earned his Commercial Vocal Performance degree from the Belmont University in Nashville at Tennessee. His love for music really rooted from childhood because Ricky Braddy started to learn how to sing when he was just 4 years of age because of his participation in the church choir. Right now, Ricky Braddy is currently living in Nashville in Tennessee, but he really grew up in North Carolina in Elizabeth City.
When his batch performed, he sang the song “A Song for You” by Leon Russell and the judges felt that there was something missing about his performance. Maybe the song was not right for him since the judges gave him a different comment when he was still auditioning. As a matter of fact, Paula Abdul even gave him a standing ovation when he auditioned in Louisville.

Who would have thought that this guy actually as a fan site called “The Braddy Bunch” and was technically started by his parents because every single time that he joined a contest, his parents always make it a point to wear shirts with the text “The Braddy Bunch” printed on it; and of course, this eventually where the name of Ricky’s fan club came from. Recently though, this specific fan site of Ricky Braddy has been threatened to be shut down because it accused the site of giving Ricky unnecessary and unfair exposure. This was after her parents mentioned the name of this fan site on national television. But word has it that The Braddy Bunch Online is already backed up and running again for all the supporters of Ricky!

Although many people are really supporting the talents and capabilities of Ricky, it still was not enough to put him and let him enter the next round and be part of those who will be included in the slots of the 12 finalists. Of course, others are agreeing with this outcome of the competition while others are not happy with it because they feel that Ricky deserves more time to show other people and the world what he’s got. There are also other people who are hoping that Ricky can have another chance in the competition through the wild card process. But even if Ricky does not get another chance in the competition everyone knows, not only his supporters, that this is not the end of his singing career; rather, it is just the start because for sure, many doors will open up for him in the future.

So it is just right for everyone, most especially his supporters, to continue watching out for the things that he has to offer for everyone.