Playseats: A New Age In Gaming

Not further than 5 years ago, nobody knew what a gaming seat was. Now they are quite popular among gamers of all ages. Video games have this quality: the better and the more realistic they are, the more addictive they get. This pushed game makers to the extreme of seeking new ways of offering their clients the illusion of a reality inside their games, via all kind of specialized accessories. 3D glasses were a nice invention. Joysticks, driving wheels and precision mouse models made the fun of a few generations. Yet, something was still missing in the driving games sector: the driving seat feeling was simply not present. Indeed, using a joystick is better than the keyboard, the driving wheel is better than the joystick, but the regular desk chairs were not living up to the standards.

Here’s where playseats enter the stage: they are special seats which allow attaching the driving wheel and the pedals, thus making them feel very much like a racing car seat. Playseats can make an excellent Christmas gift for kids, provided that they are fans of computer games like Need for Speed. In this article we are going to offer you reviews of a few of the most popular gaming chairs.

Playseats Classic Game Seat

This chair which looks very similar to a racing cockpit can be used with most video game systems such as PlayStation, Xbox 360, Nintendo or GameCube. It comes without a driving wheel, so you’ll need to purchase it separately. The wheel can be easily installed on the central console of the chair. The console is suitable for most Logitech wheels, although there were some reviews on the internet saying that it’s not compatible with the Logitech G25 Racing Wheel, because of the pedals length.
This Playseats chair is adjustable to the user size, therefore it fits both adults and children of minimum 8 years of age. So, when the kids get enough of their favorite game, their dad can have some entertainment too. The seat is comfortable and it’s made of good quality materials, which are non-flammable. It’s nice that the chair has a folding seat, so it takes lesser storage space. The maximum weight capacity of the Playseats Classic Game Seat is of 235 pounds and it’s dimensions are 51.2 x 20.5 x 38.6 inches. It is available in black, blue or red. Prices may vary between $160 and $300.

Playseats Evolution Gaming Seat

Priced at $330, the Evolution video gaming seat from Playseats looks more like a living room furniture item rather than a computer accessory, while offering all the comfort for the addicted gamer. This chair offers all the features of the Classic model, being also suitable for ages 8+ and adjustable to the user’s height. It’s nice that the game seat comes with holes that fit the G25 wheel and pedals platforms, so those would be very easy to attach.
If your driving wheel comes with a Velcro stripe, make sure to attach it, for e better gaming experience.

Playseats World Rally Championship Gaming Seat

This one comes with a price tag of $600, which is not cheap, that’s for sure. However, for this money you get an extra strong seat with high profile side bolsters. The ultra high-density foam helps the seat maintaining its shape for a long time. The upholstery is a very nice suede fabric branded with the WRC official logo. The integrated side head protection system could protect the user even in case of an accident (well, if this was a real driver’s seat, but it’s still a nice addition, because of its cool shape).
The drivers wheel support is fully adjustable and it features a quick release handle, so adjusting the seat is very easy to do. It’s a cool piece of furniture, yet only a true fan of the World Rally Championship would probably be willing to spend that kind of money when he can have pretty much similar stuff for half price. But as always, branding comes with a price.