Nick Mitchell – Defying Factor

Nick Mitchell, also known by the name of “Norman Gentle” is one of the lucky 36 finalists who were chosen out of the millions who tried out to become the next American Idol. And the place where his future was decided is in East Rutherford at New Jersey. He was also known as “Norman Gentle” because on the day that he auditioned, he guised himself as someone by alternative name mentioned above. After he sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” of the Dreamgirls and “Amazing Grace”, it was amazing that the judges voted Nick Mitchell to go to Hollywood considering the way he fixed himself, red headband, huge glasses, and a glittering shirt. Everyone was given the impression that he was not really serious in pursuing a career in singing. This is probably the reason why all of the judges except Simon Cowell, agreed to send Nick Mitchell to Hollywood.

He is 27 years old and attended and finished his studies in Manhattan College and Western Connecticut State University but basically, he just grew up in Brookfield in Connecticut. Before he joined this competition, American Idol, he worked as a comedian who often performs in Connecticut and/or Manhattan.
Because of the impression that he gave people when he auditioned, many people feel that he is different from all the other contestants that were chosen. This is probably due to the way he carries himself and the way he acts towards other people. But even though he was perceived as such, he just keeps on fighting along with all the other contestants.

A friend and former classmate of Nick Mitchell, Bob Appleby, tried to make other people understand the personality of the childhood friend. He said that even then, Nick is really naturally friendly; someone who easily made friends with everyone. What he loves to do back then is sing a song and make the people around him laugh that’s why he got famous for playing pranks on other people just for fun. Bob said that all those years, Nick grew up developing that personality in school – elementary, junior high, and even high school. The funny thing about it, Bob said, is that until now he is still like that. Appleby even said that he is really glad that Nick is now given the chance to make the whole world happy as well like he used to.
This is not actually the first time that Nick has appeared on national television because he played the character in “The Wendy Williams Show” a year ago, after he sent his video tape dancing around his own living room while singing the theme song of the said talk show. The executive producer even said that when he saw the tape, he knew that Nick deserved a chance to shine.

So look out for Nick Mitchell because he may be the person who will change the views of people who are stereotyping those people who they feel is right in being given the title of American Idol.