Alexander Thugman – For People Who Like Personality and Nice Boys

If you adore nerds, witty personality and nice good boys, this American Idol aspirant may just be the pick for you. Alexander Thugman wins the heart of many American Idol viewers, not just because geeks are in, but because there is something very endearing about this 19-year college old student. There might just be a place for him in this season’s top runners.

From Studio City, California, Alex went to Phoenix, Arizona to get to the American Idol audition. Dropping responsibilities in school, even just for a day, is a big deal for someone as grade-conscious as Alex. “I missed a Spanish test for this. If I don’t do it, I’ll probably get a B.”, he narrated. It seems that Alex has musical dreams that he could fulfill outside university.

Upon entering the audition room for Idol, Simon makes a remark “You just came out of the closet.” An average male teenager would have not been able to respond to such words, but Alex comes back with to Simon with a witty remark saying that he used to practice singing in the closet. Alex Thugman is truly no average teenager.

Alex, seemingly timid and shy, sang “Baby come to me” by James Ingram. Although Paula mentioned that she found the audition surprising. Randy has attested that Alex’s voice has a weird tone, yet he congratulates the contestant for singing in pitch. Alex managed to impress all three judges except Simon who did not find anything extraordinary with his audition. Nonetheless, three yeses had gotten Alex through to Hollywood.

“It actually worked,” Randy Jackson defends as Alexander Thugman leaves the room with a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Hollywood week became tougher for Alex. The judges remained undecided until the last minute. To help the judges make the decision, Alex was called to render a song of his choice to convince the judges to choose him to stay. The catch is that he had to sing against one of the other contestants. The sing off was an emotional challenge for Alex since he had to sing against Cody Sheldon, who has come to be very close to him throughout the competition. Cody failed to impress the judges, thus making the judges lean towards Alex’s favor.

Alexander Thugman may not boast of the best voice in the competition, but his endearing personality helps him advance in the competition. At age 19, he is now part of American Idol Season 8’s top 36. From a regular responsible student, he is on the race towards becoming the next American Idol. He just needs a little more work for him to stand out in this competition. As we all know, wanting to get to the top may not be enough to take him there.

Simon did make a strong remark on Alex’s audition day, “You cannot do well in this competition”.