Antique Bathroom Vanity – Authentic or Faux?

Your entertainment center is the focal point of your living room or can even be a beautiful addition to your master bedroom. Wherever you might be considering putting an entertainment center, you need to pick the right unit for your storage needs as well as your décor. The term entertainment center can apply to a number of different units, but typically entertainment centers are attractive pieces of furniture that house your television, DVD player, VCR, stereo, and other electronic equipment. Entertainment centers can also come with or without shelves and cabinets for your books, media, and decorations. It is important that you find an entertainment center that fits your needs.

Entertainment Centers – Variety

Finding the right entertainment center for your living room should be fairly easy. There are many different styles and finishes out there, from wood to metal and glass. What may be difficult is finding an entertainment center that fits your television, the dimensions of your living area, and meets your storage needs. There are a couple different types of entertainment centers available:

Wall Units or Entertainment Armoires- Your most traditional center, a wall unit fits up against your wall and can come with a variety of TV spaces and storage options.

  • Corner Units – Usually a bit more compact than your typical wall unit, a corner unit is great for smaller homes and apartments because it still offers storage, but will fit conveniently into the corner of your living area.
  • TV Carts – Probably the most basic type of entertainment center, a TV cart has room for your television to sit on top of it with limited storage underneath.
  • Closed Shelving – The majority of traditional entertainment centers have closed shelving, which means that the shelves are protected inside a cabinet.
  • Open Shelving – Very modern entertainment centers can have open shelving. Because the unit does not have sides, open shelving gives a very spacious feel to your living room.
  • Plasma Lifts – A plasma lift conceals your plasma television inside a cabinet and lifts it out, usually in a matter of seconds, when you want to watch television. This arrangement protects your plasma TV from dust, debris, and damage.

Shopping for Entertainment Centers

Take a good look at your living room. How big or little does your entertainment center need to be? Once you figure out the best size for your unit, you can start shopping for the right entertainment center for your home. Look online and at your local furniture stores to compare prices and check out different styles. Make sure to measure your television and other equipment so that you know how much space you will need. Always check your return policy so that if your entertainment center doesn’t quite match your rug you know if you can take it back or if you will have to refinish it and make it work in your living room. Sometimes garage sales and swap meets can have the perfect unit for your home, provided you don’t mind dusting it off.

It is important that your entertainment center not only hold your television and equipment, but that it brings together your room. Take your time and shop around. There are lots and lots of entertainment centers on the market. You never know where your perfect entertainment center might be hiding.

What Is a MMORPG?

MMORPGs may be one of those intimidating acronyms that you occasionally hear from friends or strangers. It stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This is somewhat self-explanatory, but to the uninitiated, it’s shrouded in mystery. As its simplest explanation, MMORPG is a video game genre which falls under a larger genre known as computer role-playing games (CRPGs). In an MMORPG, a large number of players interact in a virtual world set in the past or in the future. As it is a role-playing game, players have total control of their characters. All activities done in-game are in real time.

The term MMORPG was coined by Richard Garriott, who made the genre popular with the creation of Ultima Online in 1997. Since its inception, the genre has experienced a tremendous growth and spurred a multitude of games that have continued to thrill the most loyal patrons and fascinate the new breed of online gamers.

The games under the genre are mostly based on fantasy themes, which more or less, are patterned from the popular tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons. Those that deviate a bit from that theme are enjoying a rather occult following with the use of science fiction as its main theme. No matter what theme you fancy, there will be three elements that will persist as players start their adventures online: monsters, quests, loot. These are the staple in the MMORPG realm. These are the key elements that motivate players to spend countless hours and sleepless nights trying to design the progression of their characters.

Character progression is the main goal of the game. This is why characters in the virtual world have different levels. Depending on the game, a character can level as fast or as slow as his or her gaming time allows. This leveling system separates the men from the boys. Leveling up a character involves doing quests, either solo or with other players. In most cases, players have their own guilds or clans that they can turn to for some much needed assistance. Those that reach the level cap fast and have the epic items in their stash are often viewed as “uber” because of their superior gaming skills.

MMORPGs also introduced virtual economies that can rival even the real ones. Virtual items can be traded using virtual currencies which can be gold, platinum, copper, etc. The economies of the games are also what allow players to be more immersed in the game and have total control of how their virtual life should progress.

The games can be played on personal computers or laptops, but there have been plans for console-based MMORPGs to broaden the subscriber base. It’s important to know that these games can be played only if players have subscribed to them. This means that over and about the retail price of the game, players will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. This enables them to enjoy the existing game and the updates or new content that developers usually add periodically. Unlike single-player games, MMORPGs usually offer new content in the form of additional classes, quests, modules, and virtual worlds or areas. Given the additional monetary outlay, it is safe to assume that most MMORPG gamers are at their adult age with jobs.

The Great Wall of China Myth – Can you See it From Space?

We’ve all heard that the Great Wall of China is the only man made structure visible from space with the naked eye but is it? I’m a scientist, trained to be sceptically in all things but I never even questioned this ‘fact’ until I stumbled upon this report from NASA. If anyone should know the truth of this it’s NASA so what do they say about this.

First of all when we say ‘visible form space’ what do we mean exactly? Visible from low earth orbit? Visible from the moon? or further. Well lets take low earth orbit (LEO) first and work out from there. LEO is generally defined as 160 – 2,000 km but the International Space Station orbits at between 319.6 km and 346.9 km so If we can’t see it from here then then we don’t need to worry about seeing it from the moon!

Who better to find out about this myth than from one of China’s astronauts, Yang Liwei who was sent into space in the Shenzhou 5 spacecraft on October 15, 2003 and orbited at a height of 343 km. He completed fourteen orbits before landing in Inner Mongolia on October 16th. No doubt he was looking out for the Great Wall but he said on a television interview that the Earth was ‘very beautiful’ but he didn’t see the Great Wall.

Photos taken from the International Space Station by Leroy Chiao do seem to show some small sections of the Great Wall although the photographer himself says he couldn’t see the wall and is not sure if the picture really shows it.

What does NASA’s chief scientist for Earth observation say? The wall is very hard to see from space as it is made of materials which are almost the same texture and colour as the surrounding land. It is also very narrow at just ten meters wide and is very hard to pick out from its surroundings.He agreed that one photograph taken on November 24 1904 does seem to show a small section of the moon due to some conditions, such as snow on the wall and sunshine, that helped to make it more visible.

So if you can’t see the Wall from LEO it definitely won’t be visible from the moon which is around 370,000 kms away but let’s see what the first man on the moon says about it. Neil Armstrong was asked many times if he could see the Great Wall from the moon and his answer was he could not see any man made objects. The moon is a visible as a sphere from earth with continents, oceans and lakes visible but is the  Great Wall visible?  No says Armstrong. Other astronauts that also said they couldn’t see the Great wall from space include Buzz Aldrin and Jeffrey Hoffman. Armstrong also said he’d asked shuttle guys if any of them had seen the wall from space but no one had.

Credit NASA

One way to see the Great Wall from space however is to use radar imagery. The wall shows up clearly in images taken from the shuttle Endeavour using Spaceborne Imaging Radar and can be seen in the image above as an a orange line. The wall can also be seen using ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) below which uses fifteen difference electromagnetic spectrum bands to produce images.

What man made structures can you see from space? The most famous are the pyramids at Giza which are clearly visible in photographs taken from the International Space Station. You can also see reservoirs and dams, large city buildings, airports and other large structures. But the Great Wall of China? No sorry that myth is clearly just that, a myth!

Ricky Braddy – Closing a Door & Opening Window

Ricky Braddy is one of the luckiest people who got into the Top 36 contestants who will move on to the next round in Hollywood out of all the millions who tried their luck and auditioned. This 25-year old guy auditioned in Louisville at Kentucky. Ricky Braddy was one of the first 12 contestants who performed and unfortunately, he did not garner a lot of votes that will make it enough for him to move on to the next round and become one of the 12 finalists.

He earned his Commercial Vocal Performance degree from the Belmont University in Nashville at Tennessee. His love for music really rooted from childhood because Ricky Braddy started to learn how to sing when he was just 4 years of age because of his participation in the church choir. Right now, Ricky Braddy is currently living in Nashville in Tennessee, but he really grew up in North Carolina in Elizabeth City.
When his batch performed, he sang the song “A Song for You” by Leon Russell and the judges felt that there was something missing about his performance. Maybe the song was not right for him since the judges gave him a different comment when he was still auditioning. As a matter of fact, Paula Abdul even gave him a standing ovation when he auditioned in Louisville.

Who would have thought that this guy actually as a fan site called “The Braddy Bunch” and was technically started by his parents because every single time that he joined a contest, his parents always make it a point to wear shirts with the text “The Braddy Bunch” printed on it; and of course, this eventually where the name of Ricky’s fan club came from. Recently though, this specific fan site of Ricky Braddy has been threatened to be shut down because it accused the site of giving Ricky unnecessary and unfair exposure. This was after her parents mentioned the name of this fan site on national television. But word has it that The Braddy Bunch Online is already backed up and running again for all the supporters of Ricky!

Although many people are really supporting the talents and capabilities of Ricky, it still was not enough to put him and let him enter the next round and be part of those who will be included in the slots of the 12 finalists. Of course, others are agreeing with this outcome of the competition while others are not happy with it because they feel that Ricky deserves more time to show other people and the world what he’s got. There are also other people who are hoping that Ricky can have another chance in the competition through the wild card process. But even if Ricky does not get another chance in the competition everyone knows, not only his supporters, that this is not the end of his singing career; rather, it is just the start because for sure, many doors will open up for him in the future.

So it is just right for everyone, most especially his supporters, to continue watching out for the things that he has to offer for everyone.

Playseats: A New Age In Gaming

Not further than 5 years ago, nobody knew what a gaming seat was. Now they are quite popular among gamers of all ages. Video games have this quality: the better and the more realistic they are, the more addictive they get. This pushed game makers to the extreme of seeking new ways of offering their clients the illusion of a reality inside their games, via all kind of specialized accessories. 3D glasses were a nice invention. Joysticks, driving wheels and precision mouse models made the fun of a few generations. Yet, something was still missing in the driving games sector: the driving seat feeling was simply not present. Indeed, using a joystick is better than the keyboard, the driving wheel is better than the joystick, but the regular desk chairs were not living up to the standards.

Here’s where playseats enter the stage: they are special seats which allow attaching the driving wheel and the pedals, thus making them feel very much like a racing car seat. Playseats can make an excellent Christmas gift for kids, provided that they are fans of computer games like Need for Speed. In this article we are going to offer you reviews of a few of the most popular gaming chairs.

Playseats Classic Game Seat

This chair which looks very similar to a racing cockpit can be used with most video game systems such as PlayStation, Xbox 360, Nintendo or GameCube. It comes without a driving wheel, so you’ll need to purchase it separately. The wheel can be easily installed on the central console of the chair. The console is suitable for most Logitech wheels, although there were some reviews on the internet saying that it’s not compatible with the Logitech G25 Racing Wheel, because of the pedals length.
This Playseats chair is adjustable to the user size, therefore it fits both adults and children of minimum 8 years of age. So, when the kids get enough of their favorite game, their dad can have some entertainment too. The seat is comfortable and it’s made of good quality materials, which are non-flammable. It’s nice that the chair has a folding seat, so it takes lesser storage space. The maximum weight capacity of the Playseats Classic Game Seat is of 235 pounds and it’s dimensions are 51.2 x 20.5 x 38.6 inches. It is available in black, blue or red. Prices may vary between $160 and $300.

Playseats Evolution Gaming Seat

Priced at $330, the Evolution video gaming seat from Playseats looks more like a living room furniture item rather than a computer accessory, while offering all the comfort for the addicted gamer. This chair offers all the features of the Classic model, being also suitable for ages 8+ and adjustable to the user’s height. It’s nice that the game seat comes with holes that fit the G25 wheel and pedals platforms, so those would be very easy to attach.
If your driving wheel comes with a Velcro stripe, make sure to attach it, for e better gaming experience.

Playseats World Rally Championship Gaming Seat

This one comes with a price tag of $600, which is not cheap, that’s for sure. However, for this money you get an extra strong seat with high profile side bolsters. The ultra high-density foam helps the seat maintaining its shape for a long time. The upholstery is a very nice suede fabric branded with the WRC official logo. The integrated side head protection system could protect the user even in case of an accident (well, if this was a real driver’s seat, but it’s still a nice addition, because of its cool shape).
The drivers wheel support is fully adjustable and it features a quick release handle, so adjusting the seat is very easy to do. It’s a cool piece of furniture, yet only a true fan of the World Rally Championship would probably be willing to spend that kind of money when he can have pretty much similar stuff for half price. But as always, branding comes with a price.

Nick Mitchell – Defying Factor

Nick Mitchell, also known by the name of “Norman Gentle” is one of the lucky 36 finalists who were chosen out of the millions who tried out to become the next American Idol. And the place where his future was decided is in East Rutherford at New Jersey. He was also known as “Norman Gentle” because on the day that he auditioned, he guised himself as someone by alternative name mentioned above. After he sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” of the Dreamgirls and “Amazing Grace”, it was amazing that the judges voted Nick Mitchell to go to Hollywood considering the way he fixed himself, red headband, huge glasses, and a glittering shirt. Everyone was given the impression that he was not really serious in pursuing a career in singing. This is probably the reason why all of the judges except Simon Cowell, agreed to send Nick Mitchell to Hollywood.

He is 27 years old and attended and finished his studies in Manhattan College and Western Connecticut State University but basically, he just grew up in Brookfield in Connecticut. Before he joined this competition, American Idol, he worked as a comedian who often performs in Connecticut and/or Manhattan.
Because of the impression that he gave people when he auditioned, many people feel that he is different from all the other contestants that were chosen. This is probably due to the way he carries himself and the way he acts towards other people. But even though he was perceived as such, he just keeps on fighting along with all the other contestants.

A friend and former classmate of Nick Mitchell, Bob Appleby, tried to make other people understand the personality of the childhood friend. He said that even then, Nick is really naturally friendly; someone who easily made friends with everyone. What he loves to do back then is sing a song and make the people around him laugh that’s why he got famous for playing pranks on other people just for fun. Bob said that all those years, Nick grew up developing that personality in school – elementary, junior high, and even high school. The funny thing about it, Bob said, is that until now he is still like that. Appleby even said that he is really glad that Nick is now given the chance to make the whole world happy as well like he used to.
This is not actually the first time that Nick has appeared on national television because he played the character in “The Wendy Williams Show” a year ago, after he sent his video tape dancing around his own living room while singing the theme song of the said talk show. The executive producer even said that when he saw the tape, he knew that Nick deserved a chance to shine.

So look out for Nick Mitchell because he may be the person who will change the views of people who are stereotyping those people who they feel is right in being given the title of American Idol.

Simple Wedding Centerpieces

The centerpieces are something to your wedding party can carry extra. This is why couples, wedding planners, tapas Perth caterers and family pay special attention to them. However, it should be noted that trying to do in the pursuit centers only to end up making wedding table decorations that really seem vague and strange. So you always have to look for simple table centers. They are simple, elegant and add humor to the reception and party decoration.

It is very easy to center simple ideas. They are everywhere, on the Internet, in magazines, to name in the minds of people, ideas and wedding planners on a few. All you have to do is to remain open to the perfect find for your wedding senses. It is difficult to make the wedding centerpiece is perfect and of course that is not too much money on flowers to spend expressive faces and elaborate decorations. Even with flowers and petals single station, and within the budget you can be the most elegant and attractive wedding center.

The creation of a single center piece of the budget that is very easy, easy. Simple table centers are always all over the placement of flowers and accessories that complement. Flowers of the season and limited’d do it if you know where to put it and decorate them with other accessories. The first thing to do while he’s that kind of centerpieces or to such centers florists custom table to choose flowers do for centerpieces.

For seasonal flowers. You should not worry that the flowers of summer or autumn are themselves limited. They do not know that there are many flowers of these stations are more attractive and elegant than the winter and spring flowers of the season. Just a florist to those skilled in the production of simple centerpieces is flowers of the season. The flowers of the season is the most affordable of the season and would be able to more flowers in your budget to perfect use of flowers and accessories make make the elegant center to select.

The only thing to be careful when looking for such a simple but elegant ideas of flowers in front of a florist or asian wedding planners london, select the responsibility for cardiac companies. Discuss centers simple table with them and will surely find wonderful ideas from them, because they are totally professional and informed about flowers, plants and floral centerpieces to do the work for you.

Finally, while thinking centers simple board placed a band that really adorn the center to determine the level of elegance and flavor to them, as they increase the aesthetics of the audience. People will not keep in a position away from your eyes for a few moments when you have a view of the centerpieces.

Love Movies That Make You Cry

Love movies are great. At least this is what many people think. The more they make you cry, the better they are. Isn’t it funny, how we like to cry at movies, although we usually don’t see crying as being pleasant in our real life? Human beings surely are contradictory in their feelings. In order to feed your human nature, please find below a brief overview of several love movies that would make most girls cry (and maybe some guys too):

Love Story (1970)

Made after a novel written by Erich Segal and directed by Arthur Hiller, this movie was launched under the tagline “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. It is the love story between the student Oliver Barrett IV (played by Ryan O’Neal) and Jennifer Cavalleri, a Radcliffe music wonk (played by Ali MacGraw). Soon after they got married despite all obstacles, she discovered she was sick and almost dying. It’s a simple story that touches you for a lifetime.

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Made after Jane Austen’s novel, with the screenplay written by Deborah Moggach, the movie is a love story between one of the five daughters of Mr Bennet, Elizabeth, and the snobbish Mr. Darcy. They both had a great dose of humor, which makes a big part of this movie’s charm. Like in the previous movie, the lovers had to overcome obstacles raised by the society, as one of them was rich and the other one poor, so they were supposed not to make a family together.

Love Actually (2003)

Directed and written by Richard Curtis, Love Actually was nominated twice for the Globe Awards. The action takes place in London, before Christmas, and it’s the romance and love life of eight people who fall in love, who marry, then divorce, who get connected and go through a lot of funny happenings. Some of the actors won the BAFTA Film award for their performance.

The Notebook (2004)

This drama was made after a novel by Nicholas Sparks, under the direction of Nick Cassavetes. The main action takes place in a nursing home: an old guy is reading a story to an old lady, a love story which in the end proves to be their own story. As the epic advances, she starts realizing that the old man is reading her life story and that he’s her loved one, she’d lost so long ago. It’s a really touching story. The two protagonists die at the end of the movie, hand in hand, happy and peaceful.

A Walk To Remember (2002)

Directed by Adam Shankman and written by Karen Janszen after a novel by Nicholas Sparks, this drama is the story of two teenagers: a popular student gets punished and does some community service work, where he meets the reverend’s daughter, Jamie, and falls in love with her. A true love, clouded by a terrible secret and an unexpected end of the story which makes it a truly memorable love movie.

Autumn in New York (2000)

A romantic drama and the love story of two people: a 48 years old upscale restaurateur (played by Richard Gere) and a 22 year old girls (played by Winona Ryder) whose life is threatened by a tumor. The movie was nominated for the Razzie Award in 2001, for the Worst Screen Couple. Even so, the story remains touching and this movie is one of those who make you cry.

The English Patient (1996)

Directed by Anthony Minghella, this love movie has won 9 Oscars. The action takes place at the end of the World War II, when a young nurse is taking care of an injured pilot. He has a series of flashbacks which take the viewers into a love story between him and a married woman.

Gia (1998)

Directed by Michael Cristofer, who also contributed to the script, this movie is inspired from the life of a real person, Gia Carangi, a top fashion model who was famous in the late 70s. Played by Angelina Jolie, Gia is a girl who had a sad childhood, but who managed to escape it and who finally died to AIDS at only 26 years of age. The movie won two Globe awards.

Becoming Jane (2007)

This is the biography of Jane Austen, based on her letters and directed by Julian Jarrold. Jane Austen is played by Anne Hathaway who makes an outstanding performance fro which she was nominated in 2007 as Best Actress for the British Independent Film Award. This love movie won the People’s Choice Award in 2008 and got multiple other nominalizations in various film festivals.

Steel Magnolias (1989)

This is one of those love movies that make you laugh and cry in the same time. It is the story of a group of friends living in a small community, the Chiquapin Parish. The movie is directed by Herbert Ross and it features Julia Roberts in a secondary role, for which she got an Oscar nomination as Best Actress in a Supporting Role and a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture (1990).

These are only ten choices of love movies worth to be seen, but the list could go on for a longer while. If you got to read this far, please feel free to add your favorite love movies in the comments section below.

Buy Electronic Cigarettes For A Tobacco Free Healthy Life

Cigarette smoking can be a chronic habit that many find almost impossible to give up at once despite the aftereffects. The option of an electronic cigarette can be a preferable one considering that it does not involve the use of tobacco or emission of smoke; however it continues to provide the chosen flavor and feel of real cigarettes to a chain smoker who is planning on a harmless and gradual eradication of the habit. Now you can easily buy electronic cigarettes across the world in different countries where this is often encouraged in order to curb mass smoking habits among people.

You can also easily select an online Australian vape store website to buy electronic cigarette packets and vaping products Australia. Choose from an array of flavors and strength of the smoke according to your preferences. These are made with quality standards in keeping with the poplar blends, flavors and strengths of cigarettes that most smokers and cigarette addicts are used to. It is a conscious effort at reducing the harmful effects of smoking around the world and bringing forth an awareness for good health requirements. It is also widely understood that the process of quitting smoking cannot be an easy one especially for those who are completely dependent on this habit. For them, an easy option would be to buy e cigarettes and maintain a harmless habit instead.

Whether you are looking to buy electronic cigarette starter kit or an accessory for the same there is easy online options which will also deliver. In most online stores you have a comprehensive price that covers the costs of shipments and delivery. The decision to buy electronic cigarettes ensures that you are smoking a formulation that does not contain tobacco or its harmful effects on your lungs. The plastic structure of the cigarette is available in different parts and can also be replaced if you need a spare.

In Choosing a Dance Mat to Enjoy

Rhythm is something that people are born with. Everyone shares the love for music as well as gliding and moving along with it. If you are a frustrated dancer or one who simply enjoys grooving, you may find that the Dance Dane Revolution is a great stage for you to make your dancing dreams a reality. The best thing about this dance game is that it is fun and easy. Everyone can follow the steps with ease and it is for everybody to enjoy from children to adults. But before you jump start your career in Dance Revolution, one of the essentials you have to get is a dance mat. There are numerous kinds and models to choose from and they also come in different shapes and sizes. But it is important you pick the right item that suits you best.

Before the choice gets confusing, here are some guidelines that you can follow in choosing the dance revolution mat for you to enjoy.

  1. Mark the play area. The first thing you have to do is make room at home for this dance revolution game. You have to size up the space and get a dance mat that will fit in perfectly.
  2. Count the dance fanatics. Along with the size of the dance mat to get, you also have to consider how many items to buy. The reason why so many people enjoy the game so much is the competition that comes with it. You can get at least two so you can have a duel with a family member.
  3. Consider your budget. You may consider the game an investment but make sure not to overspend. The dance mats can cost anywhere between $20 and $1200.

The choice for a dance mat can be overwhelming given the variety, but it can really improve your video game experience. But you do not have to pull your hair out to make the decision. The pointers shall help you make the right choice so you can start to enjoy dancing as you like it.