Bullseye Darts

Bullseye is one of the big names in darts. They pioneered the famous “Hammerhead” darts which have the retractable tip reducing bounce outs on the pesky wires of the Bristle Dart Boards.

The way this works is so simple like all great innovations. The tip is mounted on a tiny steel spring and there is a gap behind the spring to allow the steel tip to go back into the barrel by a small amount. What happens is that when the dart tip hits a wire on the dartboard, the tip is pushed back into the barrel, whilst maintaining the forward momentum of the dart, which hopefully can push the dart down past the side of the wire and force the dart into the board. It works extremely well and greatly reduces the amount of bounce outs you normally get.

But Bullseye do not just make the famous hammerhead darts, they are also in the vanguard of grip design and soft tip darts as well. They have introduced the new Thrust cut notches in their Soft tip version of the hammerhead dart (no retracting on this set though), and have developed the front-loaded GT III darts which are great for the lobbers but not so good if you throw with a low trajectory.

They also use tungsten for most of their barrels, with 90% tungsten alloy used in most of their dart sets. This means the barrels are thin and give you a greater chance of achieving close groupings and that increases your chances of achieving the ton 80 we all want.

The more expensive Bullseye sets also have spinning shafts to minimise the chance of damage to your flights and also reduce the deflection of the incoming dart, again increasing your chance of close groupings of the darts.

So if you are looking for quality darts with a touch of class, you won’t find dart accessories than the Bullseye darts, whether you are a steel tip or soft tip darter.