What will happen at your child’s birthday party?

Before the birthday party even starts, “Pirate Bear” (if booked, GOLD package only), with his unique sense of humour, and our fencing coach will make your child’s day extra special by introducing themselves and showing your child the foam swords and masks. Then the fun really starts as all the kids start to arrive with a fantastic balloon sword made personally for every child to run and play with until the birthday party starts proper.

Meet and greet

Now it’s on to the main party for some fun and fast warm up party games designed to get the boys and girls moving like sword fencers asap using our own unique “instant fencing” techniques.
After a quick chat about the etiquette of sword fencing (“Now remember kids we must salute first and shake hands with our opponent afterwards”) up goes our trademark cry of “give me a sword” as the children get their first taste of proper fencing coaching with our colourful and safe foam and plastic equipment.

“Give me a sword!”

Several breathless bouts and sword fencing games later and it’s time for a quick water break before the second half of the party.

Now it’s team party games galore as the kids navigate our sword fencing steps obstacle course towards duelling glory, cheered on by their team mates all the way.


“Get those trolls!”

Then it’s time to get back on the fencing piste for another coaching
session, this time to learn the all important lunge technique, followed
by some more bouts and even more games, including our popular finale “attack the trolls” which has the kids acting and fighting all the way to the …

.. TROPHY, certificate and MEDAL ceremony.

Depending on your chosen package, all children will get a free party bag and either a metal medal, a certificate each, and of course not forgetting that all important SPECIAL PRESENTATION TO YOUR BIRTHDAY CHILD OF A TROPHY. “SPECIAL” MEDAL AND PERSONALISED CERTIFICATE”