Our top five kids party tips to make your child’s fencing birthday extra special

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1) Plenty of drinks!

Our fencing parties are so fast-paced and exciting that children’s hydration is essential. We plan in a five minute drinks break anyway, but we also advise keeping drinks to hand should children need them.

2) Involve your child

Don’t be afraid to involve your child in the party planning to maximise on the fun he/she will get from the whole experience. Our experience shows that our very best parties are the ones where the child has fully participated in choosing a fencing party and they are so excited they have a much better time as a result.

3) Timetable for success

Good timing is essential for the success of any kids party and our brilliant fencing parties are no exception. Allow at least half an hour for food after the fencing activity and presentation ceremony finishes, so a 2 hour venue booking would be ideal, (although you may need longer if you have booked the GOLD party – please click here for details).

4) Leave the presents alone!

We always advise parents to leave the present unwrapping until they get home because toys inevitably get lost or broken due to the over excited children.

5) Keep food simple!

Children have an annoying habit of leaving all the vol-aux-vents and eating all the crisps! Save yourself money and hassle by sticking to simple foods that kids know and love such as sandwiches, small cakes and crisps, with the odd carrot stick thrown in for good (healthy) measure. And of course don’t forget that all important pirate cake for the birthday boy or girl!