Bullseye Darts

Bullseye is one of the big names in darts. They pioneered the famous “Hammerhead” darts which have the retractable tip reducing bounce outs on the pesky wires of the Bristle Dart Boards.

The way this works is so simple like all great innovations. The tip is mounted on a tiny steel spring and there is a gap behind the spring to allow the steel tip to go back into the barrel by a small amount. What happens is that when the dart tip hits a wire on the dartboard, the tip is pushed back into the barrel, whilst maintaining the forward momentum of the dart, which hopefully can push the dart down past the side of the wire and force the dart into the board. It works extremely well and greatly reduces the amount of bounce outs you normally get.

But Bullseye do not just make the famous hammerhead darts, they are also in the vanguard of grip design and soft tip darts as well. They have introduced the new Thrust cut notches in their Soft tip version of the hammerhead dart (no retracting on this set though), and have developed the front-loaded GT III darts which are great for the lobbers but not so good if you throw with a low trajectory.

They also use tungsten for most of their barrels, with 90% tungsten alloy used in most of their dart sets. This means the barrels are thin and give you a greater chance of achieving close groupings and that increases your chances of achieving the ton 80 we all want.

The more expensive Bullseye sets also have spinning shafts to minimise the chance of damage to your flights and also reduce the deflection of the incoming dart, again increasing your chance of close groupings of the darts.

So if you are looking for quality darts with a touch of class, you won’t find dart accessories than the Bullseye darts, whether you are a steel tip or soft tip darter.

Why do we need party favors at birthday parties?

When your child is having a birthday, you should decide to buy personalized party favors. Like other parties, children who attend the parties usually like to receive some type of gift to take home. No matter if you plan to purchase the favors for both adults and children or just for the kids, giving party gifts to everyone is a nice jesture. Giving a favor is like saying thanks for attending. It’s a sign of nicety. When other guest see this, they will see the type of people you are and what good manners you have.

If i choose to get party favors what about the cost?

When it is time to have a party for your child, you will need to consider some options. First, are the birthday party favor which you will need for your child’s friend or are you going to give the favors to the adults? if they are for the adults, consider using a small statue, a picture frame with your child’s picture in it. Or, contemplate a candle with a cute theme. Giving a personalized party favor to a grown up should be done as well. You should give a birthday party favor which is cheap, especially when you purchase them in mass form. If you want to spend more, go ahead.

On the other hand, you should give a party favor to your child’s friends, then you have to go with all fun things. A compact goody bag is great when its filled with kid safe things. Try not to go crazy on the candy but many party outlets will furnish very small toys, cute games and many other things you can put in. The kids will enjoy getting a gift from your child too.

If you are thinking about having a small get together with your immediate family you you might not need a party favor. Throwing a memorable party, then consider one. This is for the child’s first birthday or possibly their fifth. when having a large party where many people will be coming, then a party favor no matter what the age is essential, at least for proper manners.

What will happen at your child’s birthday party?

Before the birthday party even starts, “Pirate Bear” (if booked, GOLD package only), with his unique sense of humour, and our fencing coach will make your child’s day extra special by introducing themselves and showing your child the foam swords and masks. Then the fun really starts as all the kids start to arrive with a fantastic balloon sword made personally for every child to run and play with until the birthday party starts proper.

Meet and greet

Now it’s on to the main party for some fun and fast warm up party games designed to get the boys and girls moving like sword fencers asap using our own unique “instant fencing” techniques.
After a quick chat about the etiquette of sword fencing (“Now remember kids we must salute first and shake hands with our opponent afterwards”) up goes our trademark cry of “give me a sword” as the children get their first taste of proper fencing coaching with our colourful and safe foam and plastic equipment.

“Give me a sword!”

Several breathless bouts and sword fencing games later and it’s time for a quick water break before the second half of the party.

Now it’s team party games galore as the kids navigate our sword fencing steps obstacle course towards duelling glory, cheered on by their team mates all the way.


“Get those trolls!”

Then it’s time to get back on the fencing piste for another coaching
session, this time to learn the all important lunge technique, followed
by some more bouts and even more games, including our popular finale “attack the trolls” which has the kids acting and fighting all the way to the …

.. TROPHY, certificate and MEDAL ceremony.

Depending on your chosen package, all children will get a free party bag and either a metal medal, a certificate each, and of course not forgetting that all important SPECIAL PRESENTATION TO YOUR BIRTHDAY CHILD OF A TROPHY. “SPECIAL” MEDAL AND PERSONALISED CERTIFICATE”

Tattoo Me Now Review – Get Your Tattoo Online From Thousands Of Designs

Short Review:

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision, because it is something that will stay with you forever. You cannot afford having something on your body which is rushed, or result of an impulse, because these things end up in a disaster. Tattoos are for life, so you need to have the best possible and most suitable design on you. The Tattoo Me Now is a program for those who have a hard time deciding on their favorite design, or for those who have not been able to find the best option and solution yet.

  1. What Is Tattoo Me Now?

Tattoo Me Now is a software aiming at those who like the art of tattoos and who are looking for new simple or more complicated ideas, but are frustrated and bored by the lack of imagination and amount of repetition that exists in most tattoo stores, both online and onsite. The tattoos you will find at Tattoo Me Now are the pictures of the designs, as they are shown on paper; Tattoo Me Now is an online catalogue, featuring more than three thousand different tattoos, of all kinds, divided in numerous categories. It can help you find the right design for you, offering a vast – maybe the largest – option to choose from, while sitting in the comfort of your place.

  1. Who Is the Creator of Tattoo Me Now? Can You Really Trust Him?

The creator of this online program is Mark Hanes, who got the idea of creating the largest online catalogue, while looking for a tattoo design. He figured out that there is a significant lack of tattoo art sites and original ideas and suggestions. So he created an online community where artists and clients can meet, discuss about tattoos and choose the ideal design. The great advantage of this website is that it’s not a sterile catalogue; there are actual people and customers there, who share their opinion and experiences and talk about designs, artists, the best places to have a tattoo and much more.

  1. Why Join Tattoo Me Now?

It is a members – only place, with the largest tattoo database – which keeps growing daily. There are more than forty categories of tattoos to choose from, suggestions and recommendations for clubs and artists in more than 38 countries.


  • The Design Gallery.
  • The Members Gallery.
  • The Discussion Forum.
  • The Studio Directory.
  • The Video Vault.
  • Tattoo Events, News, Articles & Resources.

Support: 10 out of 10

Tattoo Me Now was designed to make the decision of getting a tattoo easy and knowledgeable. They discuss different things on their webpage that give you the answers to some of the frequently asked questions that you may have.

Sports Picks Buffet Review – A Buffet Of Sports Picks

Short Review:

I’m guessing you are a betting person who is looking for something that is close to a sure thing when you are laying down your hard earned money. If you have been looking at paying someone to give you the picks that you need for betting, than, you are probably finding that it can cost you an arm and a leg for just one sport and from just one person. Of course you are thinking that it does not matter because you are going to win your money back. But, with the Sports Picks Buffet, you are going to find that you have just found a little piece of heaven in the betting world.

  1. Variety Is Key.

What if you are the type of person that likes to bet on more than just one sport? Normally you would need to pay several different people in order to get the best advice for each sport. Not only that, you are only going to get the advice of one person per field for the money that you are paying. When you join the Sports Picks Buffet, not only are you going to have all the sports covered but, you will have the combined advice of several people in each sport for the best pick.

  1. Be a Winner.

This is your opportunity to finally watch the game and be able to win. Although you may still sit on pins and needles the first few bets because you are not sure, you are going to become a believer of the Sports Picks Buffet faster than you could imagine. Watch your winnings start to climb right before your eyes and actually start making a profit.

  1. Win Your Money Back.

This is your opportunity to be able to win back all of the money that you have lost in the past from making bad bets or listening to those that really do not have a clue or a hunch on how to give good betting advice. After your first few games, you are going to realize that this is the best investment that you have made in a long time and it is the one that will keep on giving.


  • All daily picks from over 500 Sports Handicappers that John has subscribed will be sent to you every morning. At the end of every email, John will provide you with a summary of the “best bets” to make for that day, based on the ratio of expert handicappers leaning toward one side as opposed to the other.
  • You place your wagers on the bets of the day, or as many bets as you wish based on the results John provides.
  • Just relax, and watch as the winnings come pouring in as you wager with rock-hard winning confidence that your bets are the same picks that most of all handicapping experts agree on!

Value: 10 out of 10

The Sports Picks Buffet will arm you with the knowledge of hundreds of different world-class handicappers at your disposal.

Singorama Review – Learn How To Sing With The Singorama Training Package

Short Review:

Many people dream of being great singers but don’t have the training. For some they just want to impress others with their voices. Others just want to be able to join in without being embarrassed by their lack of singing ability. There are many people who cannot carry a tune. They simple don’t know how. Often it is because they have never been shown, or trained on how to sing. It can be expensive and time consuming to get professional training. Not everyone is able to invest the time or money required for professional training. Fortunately Singorama offers a learn how to sing training package. The training package is a quick and easy way to improve and expand on any singing ability.

  1. Stay Unique.

Singorama does not try and make people sing like someone else. Instead they provide a training package that works with an individual’s unique voice and aims to improve and expand it. Not to change it but to develop it, like any other work of art. A lot of focus is spent on the little things that make a professional stand out. Singorama provides the training and techniques to have a professional style of singing.

  1. Improve Rang And Control.

Singorama is set up so that individuals with the desire to learn how to sing at a professional level can do so. Rang and control are extremely important. The learn how to sing training package provides the information to discover how to gain and maintain rang and control.

  1. What Is In The Learn How To Sing Training Package.

The learn how to sing training package provides 28 interactive audio lessons. The lessons are supported with 2 books for easy reference. Several software packages are provided that are designed to help and support an individual’s practice and learning. Perfect Your Pitch Pro and Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio software are extremely useful.

  1. It Takes Practice.

For a lot of people singing does not come easy. It takes a lot of work, and practice to get a good singing voice. Most people don’t know what to do to improve their singing, or even that their singing can be improved. Singorama gives everyone the opportunity to make the best of the voice they have. It still requires practice and dedication. The quality of a voice can be improved with training and experience.


  • Learn how to sing without straining or damaging your vocal chords.
  • Extend your vocal range.
  • Learn to sing in multiple styles.
  • Learn how to perform better.
  • Take a song and make it in your own personal style.
  • Breath better and have better posture.
  • Control your voice and hit notes accurately.
  • And much, much more!

Value: 10 out of 10

The overall Singorama concept is brilliant. It has the best content of any of the online packages and certainly deserves a resounding recommendation.

Roulette Sniper Review – Win With Roulette

Short Review:

If you like to gamble and your favorite game is roulette than you have probably started to think that it is a game of hit or miss. But, you are about to discover the opportunity you have been waiting for to win with the Roulette Sniper. Learn the secrets that you need to know in order to become an instant winner whenever and wherever you play the game. This is the software that is going to give you every hint and tip that you have ever needed or wanted in order to win within minutes of sitting down at the table.

  1. Second Time Is a Charm.

The first set of software that was made available to you was just the icing on the cake. Of course you made a ton of money with that program but now you are going to learn how to double and even triple the winnings that you were making.

  1. What Can Roulette Sniper Do For You?

The Roulette Sniper is going to show you the way to custom wagers, multiple betting and even how to win big with single numbers. This is going to be one of the fastest and easiest ways that you have ever made money. You will not need to play for hours on end and feeling as though there is never going to be a light at the end of the rainbow.

  1. The End Of The Rainbow.

Instead, you are going to find a big pot of gold that is all yours without the leprechaun to take it all away. Here is the system that will give you all of the information that you need in order to make it big. This software is filled with serious information for the serious gambler with all of the fluff and filler left out. Take a gamble on the Roulette Sniper and see how fast your wallet is going to grow.

You will have instant access to the software as soon as you click the button. This way you will be able to start reading and learning right away without the wait for something to come in the mail. Get started now on the future that you have been trying to create without the wait.


  • There is NO paperwork, NO complicated formulas – You just enter the numbers as they come, and Roulette Sniper tells you what to do next.
  • You can bet on Dozens, Columns, Outsides, Lines, Corners, Trios, Splits, and Singles with our Roulette System.
  • You can customize your betting experience and alter the speed and income you pull in per spin.
  • You can wager up to $100 – Allowing you to easily make serious cash.
  • You can limit wins per table and time spent at a table so that the online casino software doesn’t detect you using Roulette Sniper.

Value: 10 out of 10

Roulette Sniper can help you take off more thinking as it does most of the thinking for you. So you can bet and have fun without worrying so much!

Parties for children aged 7-9

Here at www.fencingparties.co.uk we offer a unique pirate party with GENUINE sword fencing tuition for boys or girls aged 7-11, using completely safe equipment that is both colourful and great fun to use.

With our bright and colourful plastic masks and foam swords we offer a totally original alternative to the run of the mill football, sports or standard pirate-themed party and we put all our efforts into ensuring that your child’s birthday is a truly memorable occasion.

We also offer a competitive birthday party pricing “package” structure that means we will always be able to match your budget, as our many satisfied customers can testify – (see testimonials here).

Each party includes as standard:Balloon sword modelling introduction for all the boys and girlsGenuine sword fighting tuition and fun party gamesFREE pirate party bag per child (please note that these may be unsuitable for children aged 9 and over as they have quite a young theme – please ask us for content details before booking)

However, you can also choose to add the following with one of our higher grade party packages, should you choose to spend that bit extra on your little pirate boy or girl:
“Real” metal medals for all boys and girlsEngraved sword fighting trophy for birthday boy or girlCommemorative certificates for all kidsPirate Bear to come to your party to entertain all the kids

Whether you choose to go all out with costumes and invite the kids to dress in knights, princesses or pirate regalia, or simply choose to focus on a more standard sword fencing birthday party experience, we are here to help to tailor a party to suit your needs.

For your reassurance, we are fully CRB-checked and insured, and have background experience in mainstream primary teaching, PE development, community sports development and of coaching fencing to primary age children for almost ten years. We are also qualified and experienced external sword fencing coaches who regularly coach in our own clubs and local schools, as well as being qualified to coach a wide range of other sports.

With all this going for us how can you afford not to check us out some more? Head off now to the party itinerary page to see what we can offer in more detail!

Our top five kids party tips to make your child’s fencing birthday extra special

Don’t forget to visit our party tips forum before you go!

1) Plenty of drinks!

Our fencing parties are so fast-paced and exciting that children’s hydration is essential. We plan in a five minute drinks break anyway, but we also advise keeping drinks to hand should children need them.

2) Involve your child

Don’t be afraid to involve your child in the party planning to maximise on the fun he/she will get from the whole experience. Our experience shows that our very best parties are the ones where the child has fully participated in choosing a fencing party and they are so excited they have a much better time as a result.

3) Timetable for success

Good timing is essential for the success of any kids party and our brilliant fencing parties are no exception. Allow at least half an hour for food after the fencing activity and presentation ceremony finishes, so a 2 hour venue booking would be ideal, (although you may need longer if you have booked the GOLD party – please click here for details).

4) Leave the presents alone!

We always advise parents to leave the present unwrapping until they get home because toys inevitably get lost or broken due to the over excited children.

5) Keep food simple!

Children have an annoying habit of leaving all the vol-aux-vents and eating all the crisps! Save yourself money and hassle by sticking to simple foods that kids know and love such as sandwiches, small cakes and crisps, with the odd carrot stick thrown in for good (healthy) measure. And of course don’t forget that all important pirate cake for the birthday boy or girl!

Online Flash Gameing is Fun with Oyun

If you have never played an online flash game – Oyunlar before, then you really are missing out on a truly fun experience. There are many web sites online today that contain hundreds of addictive, fast-paced, creative little flash games. Some of these games are so great that you could easily spend hours stuck on just the 1 game, being determined that you will get to that very last level. This is why if you have work to do, then you should stay away from these flash games as you will soon find that your valuable work time is being spent playing these games that you simply cannot tear yourself away from.

There are many different places where you can look to find the most fun and addictive flash games Oyun . You will find that some web sites actually collect flash games that they categorize, organize and allow users, such as yourself, to rate. Herein you will be able to view what the most popular games are since they will usually be sorted by their ratings and how many people play them, which will really help you to narrow down what type of game you want to play. Every imaginable style of game exists. It is just a matter of finding them.

You will also find that there are a lot of other web sites that focus more upon the developers who make these free flash games. While you will find that these web sites are more geared towards those people who are making these flash games Kral Oyun , you will still find that there is a place for people, such as yourself, who simply want to play these flash games. The reasons why these web sites still have flash games for you to play is because herein you can tell the games developer what you think and thus play a crucial role in the development of the game itself. This will actually help the developer to be able to improve the game for future players. As such, these flash game web sites are great for those people who are willing to share some information with the games developer.

As you can clearly see, there are free flash games being offered all over the Internet today. Many of these games have become extremely popular because of how fast and convenient they are to play. After all, there are no files to download and there are also no installations to wait for or fear that they may contain some sort of virus that will be harmful to your computer. Therefore, you really should take the time to search for some flash games and then get started with playing them today.