, a website review.

Bored at work, home, or even school? Do you feel like you truly viewed enough websites to be at the end of the internet? Make no mistake, after hours of surfing, the internet can all of the sudden become boring. That is, unless you stumble across one of the best websites for free online games!

Introducing, one of the premier online arcades with so many games, youll never go bored on the internet again!, in operation since 2005, will provide you hours upon hours of renewed excitement in online game playing. Featuring hundreds of the top internet games like Dare Devil, Ultimate Flash Sonic, and Super Flash Mario Bros, there are enough games here to get you into a lot of trouble with your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, or even parents! The addictive qualities of Gamenode are unlike any youve ever experienced.

One of Gamenodes features that really set it apart from competing online arcade game sites is the layout. Some of the online game sites on the internet these days (actually, most of them) are cluttered with ads, junk, and other irrelevant information. When you load Gamenodes fast and extremely clean template, youll immediately notice the lack of cluttered ads. Its so refreshing to see this quality in a site these days, especially in the era of Web 2.0. Another positive feature that is noticeable right away is the organization of categories like Adventure Games, Car Racing Games, Puzzle Word Games, Sports Games and other simple to understand groups. Within seconds, finding what you want is easily accomplished, and load times through everything are excellent, which is a plus for gamers with attention disorders (90% of us do!).

Speaking of attention disorders, while reviewing this phenomenal online game site and the load times for the games, I finished all of Tactical Assasin, and I had a blast doing so! (Part 2 is on its way out, and I cant wait!). So many games to play, I dont think Ill ever get to test them all, but it sure is fun trying.

One other great thing that Gamenode offers to anyone who is interested is the ability to advertise on their site. All advertising is done through Google Adwords, and a potential advertiser who targets Gamenode in their Adwords account for advertising has the option of going with either the classic 120 x 600 skyscraper, or the super popular 468 x 80 banner. Either one (or both!) of these ad spots would be a great investment for anyone who has a site in the gaming industry, as the potential visitors would be right on target. Of course you can also choose between two sections, the main page, or the pages with the games, and they are both prime spots.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a first class free games experience with all of your favorite games, give Gamenode a chance to wow you with their fast and easy online game interface. Warning, once you start, it will be really, really hard to stop!