Illuminate The Sky With Fireworks Display

Fireworks have its own place in the history. Fireworks are usually done when we celebrate a special occasion. We have seen fireworks when a country wins any sporting event like world cup. Recently when India won the cricket world cup of 2011 we got to see people going crazy like anything and bursting crackers on the roads and creating melbourne fireworks display in the sky. The firecrackers have its merits and demerits too. As it is very special to burn crackers on the joyous occasions it is also very dangerous because it has very harmful minerals in it and if it is not lit with care then it can harm any person very badly. So we should take special care while bursting crackers and keep the children out of the reach of it as it is dangerous.

It also has some disadvantages like it creates pollution like noise and air pollution. It creates so much noise when it goes off that it can leave people unable to hear properly. As many people go deaf due to the sound it produces, in many countries it is banned to burst crackers. In countries like India where it is used maximum during the festivals like dipawali, the government has tried their level best to make sure that the citizens do not burst cracker beyond a certain decibel and it should be stopped after a point of time.

It also causes huge amount of air pollution as it comprises of chemicals which is very harmful for the health and the smoke which arises out of it is even more dangerous for the environment and ecology. Recently, we got to see the magic of fireworks display during commonwealth games opening ceremony which illuminated the whole sky and made the whole night of grand ceremony more eventful. The different countries like Australia has the Sydney Bridge above which there we keep on seeing the fireworks going on as it makes the view very beautiful and fireworks Australia has, sets it apart from rest of the countries.