Luxury Resorts Fraser Island

Are you attracted by the unique natural wonder where a tall rainforest grow on the top of white sand? If the answer is yes, then you must be talking about Fraser island. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world and also on the record of world heritage list, due its unique mixed up environment. It also the place where you can see a pure dingo on their real habitat. With all of its attraction, make this island to be popular destination for eco-tourism. And, also a perfect place for explorer to be closer and watch the way nature work. But if you are not a kind of people that like to compromising your comfort, then you don’t have to be worried because we are going to give you, our list of star quality Fraser island resorts where the luxury property mixed up with a nature.

There are five different luxurious resort that you can try. First, is Kingfisher Bay Resort that located in Urangan. With four stars quality of hotel and a nice service, make this place to be the most popularFraser island resorts. Each standard room are facilitated with small kitchen that make sure you can enjoying your favourite food. But if you don’t like cooking, then you can try the restaurants and cake shop inside the resort. This resort also have minibar and pool to indulge the guest. The management also offering tours about the Fraser Island. So the guest could visiting Fraser top destination with a professional ranger guidance. The room costs from$ 129.

Another luxurious place that you can try is Jade Waters Luxury Holiday Apartments. Located in Torquay with a nice BBQ facilities, pool, and beachfront apartment. Not only offering star quality Fraser island resorts, but this apartment also have an easy access from the town. Only need walking distance, then you can find bars, restaurants and shop along the street. You could also arrange tour to exploring the Fraser island with professional host. The apartment starts from $ 140.

If you think exploring Fraser from the land is just too ordinary and you want to try another way which more challenging without compromising the comfort, then you should try Hervey Bay Houseboats. Only 15 minutes drive from Hervey Bay airport, make this cruise easy to find. It is the best cruise that you can try in the great Sandy Straits. And, you can visit the most popular destination like Kingfisher Bay Resort from this cruise. Harvey also provides you with standard facility of Fraser island resorts, such as hot water and TV. This price range, starts from $ 200 a night.

Fraser Island Resorts Australia

Are you ever imagined that an amazing rainforest can grow on the top of white sand? Well it is sound impossible because normally rainforest will grow on the open ground of inter-tropical land. But in Australia, you will find a unique and beautiful exception. As the biggest sand island in the world, Fraser island provide you with a beautiful view of rainforest. This unique mixed up atmosphere of sand island and rainforest, make this island to be on the world heritage’s list in 1992. Not only known as Eco-tourism destination, this island, also known as a habitat of the rare dingo. If you are explorer that looking for another adventure on Fraser island, then you are lucky enough because we will give a brief review of Fraser island resorts for all budgets traveler.

We have two popular Fraser island resorts. The first is Kingfisher Bay Resort. A Four star quality of hotel which located in Urangan. You will be provided with small kitchen in standard room that make sure you can eat or cook your favorite food. But if you don’t like cooking, you don’t have to be worried because the resort also have pricey restaurants and minibar. There are several tours that arranged by resort about the island. You will be guided by the ranger to the popular nearby destination. This is a perfect place to enjoy the atmosphere without compromising the comfort. The room costs from $ 129 a night. And, the second is Eurong Beach Resort that located right in front of Eurong beach. With two star quality of hotel and nice service from the staff makes this resort to be one of the most popular resort on Fraser island. The standard room is providing you with kitchen, although the resort also offering a breakfast buffet and catering facility. It has bakery shop with nice standard which enrich your menu option. Overall, it was a nice family resort with a good standard and price. The room costs from $108 a night.

But if you don’t like a resort type and prefer to feel the real adventure vacation, Fraser island resorts also known as a camping site. There’s a lot of camping site that you can try. The place is facilitate with the standard need like toilet and shower. There’s also a fence across the camp site to make sure people didn’t get hurt since Fraser is a natural habitat of dingo. Just remember to not bring food inside your tent because dingo can smell it easily and you don’t want a bad thing happens. Anyway, making camp fires outside the official areas are prohibited. And, you need a permit to build your camp, even in some areas, booking system are obligated. But all in all, a nice view and atmosphere that you will get on this island will be worth it.

Best Hidden Beaches In Australian

Australia is a place with many beautiful hidden beach, beach that are difficult to access due to remoteness or because the surrounding area is not accessible even become an attraction for tourists. We bring the best hidden beach in Australia’s most sought-after by tourists who want to spend a holiday away from the crowds. Here are some ideas for a hidden beach holiday destination.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania In Australian

Wineglass Bay is one most remote hidden beaches, has consistently ranked as one of the best andmost beautiful. To adopt it, you can walk to the beach through the forest to take about an hour, but it is worth it. Wineglass Bay is actually located near Hobart, Tasmania, an island off the southern tip ofAustralia, just below Melbourne, Victoria.

Freycinet Peninsula, 2.5 hours from Hobart, is the home of Wineglass Bay. This beach offers a natural, breathtaking beauty and many opportunities to bushwalk or climbing. Here you will witness the beauty of the area directly, then continue down to the beach for a swim in the crystal waters. At the south end of beaches to watch the danger – 300 meters (990 feet) tall granite slabs.

Loch Ard Gorge Beach In Australia

One of the most favorite hidden beaches in Australia. The Loch Ard Gorge is part of Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia, about 10 minutes drive west of The Twelve Apostles. This is a clear example of the process of erosion in action. Loch Ard Gorge Beach is a place where the Loch Ard (passenger ship) that stranded in 1878. Stairs allow visitors access to the beach the other develops. There are a lot of places and a small museum detailing the history of the site. This beach offers visitors the chance to enjoy the beautiful rock formations that exist on all sides, and when the sea tide, visitors can hear the loud roar of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Whitehaven Beach In Australia

Whitehaven Beach is best place for your private getaway. Crystal clear aqua water and pure silica sand Whitehaven stretch over seven kilometers along Whitsunday Island, the largest of 74 islands in the Whitsundays. It defines nature at its best and give you the biggest sense of relaxation and escape. At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is Hill Inlet, a stunning cove where the tide shifts the sand and water to create a stunning color combination. As the tide shifts, the white silica sand and turquoise shades of the inlet blend seamlessly to create a breathtaking colors swirling.

For a memorable vacation, a trip to the lookout at Tongue Point on Whitsunday Island. Experience you are looking for is beaches at low tide, Enjoy the beautiful fusion of color surface that will satisfy your eyes.

There are several ways to see the beauty of Hill Inlet. Many companies offer day trips to WhitehavenBeach and Hill Inlet by ferry, power boat or luxury yacht. Most overnight sailing trips also stop here, so contact your travel agent for a most memorable vacation.

3 Top All Inclusive Resorts in Australia

3 top all inclusive resorts in Australia is our brief review of the best resort who perfectly describe Australian attractions. Located in melting point of pacific and Indian ocean, this country guarantees you to get the unique natural experience. This is the place where popular Great Barrier Reef stands. And, despite the debate about all inclusive resorts, nobody can’t deny that this type of vacation is already being trend. Even Australia itself also provides you with this type of resort. So, if you are a fans of all inclusive and don’t know where to starts in Australia, here is our recommendable all inclusive resorts that you can try.

Voyages Bedarra Island Resort

Located on the coast of Cairns, this all inclusive resort provides you with stunning beauty of Private Island. Consisted with only 16 guest villas, Voyages Bedarra guarantees the guest with comfort and exclusivity. Each villa is equipped with TV, private balcony, telephone and other hotel standard facilities. There will be bottle of champagne and wine waiting for you in the room every day, and maybe this is the reason why kids are prohibited on the island. The place also offers you with swimming pool, gym center, and for spa treatment you will get an extra charge. Enough with exploring the beauty of the island, you can also join 90 minutes Catamaran trip to the great barrier reef is world class destination for diving and fishing.

Club Med Lindeman Island

If you are looking for x-factor of this all inclusive resorts, well you are standing on the 690 hectares national park which offering you with hill side scenery in above and soft sandy beach on the below. It is also near Hamilton Island who fame with its holiday adventures. This is family friendly resort, so you will find a lot of kids program. Nut it is not exclusively for family resort since Club Med also offering adult only facilities.

Thala Beach Lodge

If you are looking for natural adventure vacation without hurting the nature, Thala Beach is offering what you need since it is Eco friendly all inclusive resorts. Unlike the Club Med, this resort is ideal place for single and couple traveler. This is the perfect place to catch the beauty of Great Barrier Reef and world heritage forest. The entire bungalow are having stunning panorama, whether it is green forest or crystal blue ocean water. And, even if it is Eco friendly properties, doesn’t mean this resort lose their touch on luxury.