Your Resort Guidance to Maldives Island

Are you ever dream to having vacation where the sand is as calming as the locals smile and surrounded by crystal clear blue oceans? Well, if you said yes, then your answer is Maldives Island. The Maldives consist of 1200 reef island among the most beautiful on the world, and about a hundred of them hosts resorts. The weather is always perfect because every day is sunny days, breezy nights, balmy mornings, and iridescent sunsets. But Having a hundred resort island, sure making us confuse to choose which one is the perfect place to stay. That’s why we are going to give you brief review of Maldives staying place based on the budget option and the type of vacation.

For you who want to get real atmosphere of Maldives Island, staying on resort will be the right choice. Starting from the most luxurious resort is Cocoa Island by COMO. Known as the most luxurious resort in Maldives, make Cocoa island the being favorite destination. Perfect place for couple and having high diving atmosphere. In here, you will stay on the over water bungalow with nice service from professional staff. Its cost from $ 758 per night. And, another great resort is Island Hideaway Spa, Resort & Marina. Unlike Cocoa, this resort have kids that facility make it perfect for family vacation. You could do snorkeling right outside your villa. This resorts cost from $474 per night.

Another place to stay is hotel. As the famous tourist destination, Maldives Island offering you a lot of nice a hotel. One of the best hotel in Maldives is W Hotel Maldives. The hotel is located on the island of Fesdu and each villa seems its own plunge pool, sundeck, and beach. This hotel cost $1,200 a night. Also, One & Only Reethi Rah which have two hotels in Maldives, the Reethi Rah and the Kanuhura. Its cost $1350 ($1050 in May-July) a night for a Beach Villa.

Just like the other, Maldives Island also have guessed house for on budget traveler. The most popular guest house is Fern Boquete Inn and Fuana Inn. Fern Boquete Inn located in Hirudhumagu, Hulhumale. It’s quick drive from airport and having standard facility like AC and hot water. Its cost from $104. And, next is Fuana Inn that located in Hulhumale. Wonderful service and near the beach is bonus that you get considering the price which only over $ 42.

Unlike another tourist destination, the uniqueness of Maldives geographical structure make Maldives Island offering you the unique way to stay. Besides luxurious resort, great hotel and guest house, you also can choose to stay in safari cruise which go around the island. For luxury cruise we have Sachika, a stunning Luxury live aboard in Maldives that would indulge you with choice like a Jacuzzi. The outdoor activities include Night Fishing, Snorkeling, BBQ on desert Islands, Island Hopping, Visits to Resort Islands, Visit to Uninhabited Islands and Local Fishing Villages, and diving. And, for on budget cruise we have Noah. On a relatively small vessel like Noah, you are truly in control of the cruises and the activities.