Viking River Cruises Imperial Jewels China Reviews

Viking river cruises imperial jewels China review will explain you about two types of imperial jewelspackages that being offered by Viking agency. As the largest river cruise agency and the pioneer of Asian river cruise, Viking is already having name in the term of quality and experience. And, now they are trying to enlarge their scope. Not only bringing the unique cruise ship experience in Europe, but the Viking is also trying to provide you with unique way to experience China atmosphere. China is a large country which known for their rich culture and also one of the oldest civilization on the earth. That’s why exploring the beauty atmosphere of China will be great vacation, especially for the culture and adventure traveler. And, to help you prepare your vacation, here are the Viking river cruises reviews.

The first Viking river cruises reviews are about the general package of imperial jewel China. In this package, they will give you six days trip on the river Yangtze, and the remaining eight days will be conducted on the land. The trip is started from Sanghai to Beijing or otherwise. In the first four days, you will be invited to explore Beijing attractions such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Badaling Hills and Hutongs. And, in the end of the day four, you will be shown the key of Tang dynasty victory, the well-known terracotta warrior. The next trip will be on the river, maybe several stop by destination before reaching and stay over for two days in shanghai. Unlike the European cruise ship, the imperial jewel is not really consent on the luxury and amenities. The trip itself is more intended to be adventure and cultural trip. That’s why for people who looking for enjoyment luxurious cruise ship will find it to be little disappointed.

Another Viking river cruises reviews is about the extension package. Well if you found that your trip is really fun and you want to know more about China, the Viking also provide two post extension destinations. The first one is Hongkong and Guilin post extension. This extension is providing the extra one day on Guilin and three days on the Hongkong. The unique local village of Guilin and the busy Hongkong will make your China vacation to be more colorful. The other extension is shanghai Post Extension. This extra trip contain with two days stay over on shanghai. As the metropolitan city and also the heart of China, this extra two days trip will complete you China exploration.