The Ultimate Beauty of Luxurious Resort on Borneo Island

The ultimate beauty of luxurious resort on Borneo Island is our review of the perfect accommodation that offers the beauty of virgin nature which hand in hand with the beauty of man-made luxury. When it comes to the adventure vacation, people always tend to think that it will be secluded, remote and away from human civilization. But, the Gaya Island resort proves the opposite thing. Inspired by the glory and beauty of the ancient tropical forest, this luxurious resort on Borneo island is trying to offer another side of adventure vacation.

The Gaya is beach resort who picturing the unspoiled beach beauty along its coast. It is not surprising considering the resort location which inside the reserve marine park, Tunku Abdul Rahman. The beauty of the resort also enriched with the tropical background, where you can see and hear numerous wildlife attraction. Just like the land life, the ocean life is offering the stunning attraction too. Starting with green mangroves forest to the colorful reef and aquatic animals. And, the most important part is you don’t have to feel bad with nature because the Gaya Island resort on Borneo is having ecology policy to reduce the carbon footprint. With its lavish decoration, secluded natural area and Eco-friendly policy, this resort is perfect not only for nature lover, but also luxurious and relaxing traveler who want to escape from buzzing and busy big city.

This lavish resort on Borneo is consisted from 121 villas with the unique combination of Sabahan characteristic and contemporary decoration. The villa offers two types of accommodation, hill and seafront villas. The seafront accommodation is faced the Malohom Bay and provide you with scenic turquoise water and white sandy beach. Unlike the seafront with its blue atmosphere, the hill is picturing the green atmosphere of Mount Kinabalu. Each villa is equipped with a large bedroom, spacious open bathroom who has oversized bathtub inside it, and comfy veranda with comfy day bed to help you enjoy the day.

Enough with enjoying the resort on Borneo beauty, now its time to go outside and exploring it by yourself. There are plenty pure activities that you can try in here. For nature lover, discovery program will be nice option. The program is consisted from diverse activities, starting with PADI dive class, fishing excursion where the annual international fishing tournament held, sunset cruise, until guided walk to explore the beauty of rainforest with professional botanist. And, after long exploration day, you can come to balance center where they serve you with relaxing spa and healing activities.