The Journey of Magical Lake Namtso China

The Journey of Magical Lake Namtso China is our brief exploration of the stunning attractions in this historical lake. Despite with its political situation between Tibet and China, the virgin natural beauty of Namtso is too good to be missed by adventure seeker. The national geography put Namtso as top five Chinese lakes that offering enchanted history and beauty. That’s why it is not surprising if the local Tibetan called Lake Namtso as heavenly lake. Situated on the 4,718 meters above sea level, heavenly lake is noted to be the highest lake in the earth. This is also the second largest saltwater lake on the entire China republic.

The journey of Lake Namtso was begun in 12th century when Tibetan Buddhist made this lake as center of the sheep year ritual. Every 12 year, when the Tibetan sheep year come, a large amount of worshiper visit this lake and walking over the surface which frozen by cold winter temperature. They are stayed on the lake until summer end and winter froze the surface again. The worshiper believes if they can do the ritual, all of family member will be blessed by good virtue like healthy, safety and prosperity. It is the reason why this lake, also known as Namtso holy lake, one of the three lakes which being sacred by Tibetan. But unfortunately, you will not see this ritual anymore since Chinese government already prohibit the practice. The modern worshiper is now celebrating the sheep year on the Tashi Dor, a temple which built in the southeast part of the lake.

Unlike the winter time, which offering spirituality attraction, summer is the perfect time to explore the full Lake Namtso potentials. This is the time when the Nyantsentanglha’s snow is melted and fills up the lake with its legendary crystal sapphire water. Combined with the clear blue sky, both of them are creating magnificent fairy land views. The green grassland will attract numerous animals like wild yaks, sheep and cow to come over and enjoy the food. Not only grass eater, you can also see the fish jumping around in the lake and migratory bird is busy finding the perfect place to lay their egg. The five inhabitant islands in the middle of the lake also enrich the attraction with beautiful panorama and grotto. The Tibetan believes that five inhabitant island are symbols of Buddha reincarnation which spreading into five different direction.