The Historical Borobudur Temple

The Historical Borobudur Temple. Borobudur temple is located in Indonesia. It is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Located in the largest Muslim country, sure make you feeling a unique mixed up diversity atmosphere of Buddhism and Indonesian society. Created in 9th centuries for about 75 years by dynasty Sailendra, this temple is proof about how mysterious and magnificent human being can be. There’s never been any clear explanation of why this temple built and abandoned. But know this temple being one of many favorites destination in Indonesia and UNESCO also declared Borobudur temple area as a world heritage in 1991.

The History

A long time ago, due the relationship with India and China, Indonesia was ruled by Buddhism and Hinduism. And, with no modern tools or equipment, the Sailendra built a huge Mahayana Buddhism temple with about 500 Buddha statues and two million stones from the nearby river. The Borobudur temple architecture contain with 3000 relief sculptures that describing the teaching of Buddha and life. Each stage contains different level of human life which are the law of karma, the birth of Buddha, the Jatakas and avadanas, and the last are the journeys of Sudhana searching for ultimate truth. The popular belief said if you could read all the sculpture in each stage and reach the top of the temple, you will get enlightenment about human philosophy. In 14th centuries, The Borobudur temple was mysteriously abandoned. The popular theory believe, it is because a massive conversion of Javanese people into Islam. But another theory said that its happen because the eruption of mount Merapi. And, in 19th century, a British governor of Java, Thomas Raffles discovered the temple. But unfortunately through the revelation of the temple, a lot of treasures of the temple have been traded for private or public interest around the world.


After the reconstruction, Borobudur temple is being used again as a spiritual worship place. Every Waisak or Buddha’s birthday (held in May, when there’s a full moon night), you could see a wonderful and colorful Borobudur temple cultural festival. There’s candle-lit procession, start from the Mendhut temple to the Borobudur. The festival is full with magical and spiritual atmosphere, it is a must be seen activity if you are lucky enough to be in this town during the Waisak. But don’t worry, if you couldn’t visit Borobudur in May, then you could do it in June when there’s Mahakarya Borobudur. Mahakarya Borobudur is performance event where traditional Javanese performer dance and rebuilt the story of conception and construction of the temple.