The Fairy Land of Jiuzhaigou Valley Deyang Sichuan China

The Fairy Land of Jiuzhaigou Valley Deyang Sichuan China is one of the best scenic destination in China. It is one of another 33 cultural heritages that spread along the Chinese territory. If you ever watch Alice in wonderland or Peter Pan, then you must be familiar with fairy land concept, a land where everything is colorful, magical and have an exceptional beauty. Well, actually all those characteristic are fulfilled by Jiuzhaigou valley which well-known as fairy land in the earth. With its combination of green forest, crystal blue lake, giant white snow mountain, and unique custom of Qiang and Tibetan people, there’s no other landscape who can perfectly picturesque the world’s idea of fairy tale.

Although this valley is already being inhabited by Tibetan and Qiang for along time ago, the charmingbeauty of Jiuzhaigou valley is never be discovered until 1972. The revelation of this Tibetan holy mountain, change its faith as stunning remote area to be legendary tourism destination which attract more than 7000 visitor each day. There are six different spot in this valley who offering fantastical scenery, they are Heihai, Zharu, Changhai, Nuorilang, Jianyan, and Shuzheng. In the Shuzheng scenic spot, you will find 40 different lakes and each of them possess very different beauty and attraction. Starting with rhinoceros lake that perfect for water activity like swimming and rafting to the reed lake who perfect for nature exploration since it is home of numerous bird species. The beauty of Jiuzhaigou lake is really different from a mere lake, they have varies color which determined by its residue, depth and also scenery around them. Shuzheng also have a stunning waterfalls with giant tree as their backdrop.

Completing its wonderful scenery, Jiuzhaigou valley also offering you rich species of flora and fauna. The natural park is protected almost 30000 hectares area with about 3000 different species of flora. This number is consisted from over 2500 species of higher plants and more than 400 species of lower plant like algae. The rich diversity of flora sure also attract the rich number of fauna. It is home for about 200 species of fauna, and 17 species of them is listed as rare and endangered animal, such as giant panda, blue sheep, marmots, etc.

The beauty is not the only thing that makes this valley become popular destination. With its long history of Tibetan tradition, it is the perfect place to explore Tibetan culture. There are nine Tibetan village in Jiuzhaigou valley, and the popular one is Shuzheng Village which located right above the Shuzheng lake. It is easy to access from the road. In here, you can learn about Tibetan cuisine and custom. There are also several festivals that worth to check like Temple Fair along with spring festival which conducted on first month on lunar calendar.