3 Top All Inclusive Resorts in Australia

3 top all inclusive resorts in Australia is our brief review of the best resort who perfectly describe Australian attractions. Located in melting point of pacific and Indian ocean, this country guarantees you to get the unique natural experience. This is the place where popular Great Barrier Reef stands. And, despite the debate about all inclusive resorts, nobody can’t deny that this type of vacation is already being trend. Even Australia itself also provides you with this type of resort. So, if you are a fans of all inclusive and don’t know where to starts in Australia, here is our recommendable all inclusive resorts that you can try.

Voyages Bedarra Island Resort

Located on the coast of Cairns, this all inclusive resort provides you with stunning beauty of Private Island. Consisted with only 16 guest villas, Voyages Bedarra guarantees the guest with comfort and exclusivity. Each villa is equipped with TV, private balcony, telephone and other hotel standard facilities. There will be bottle of champagne and wine waiting for you in the room every day, and maybe this is the reason why kids are prohibited on the island. The place also offers you with swimming pool, gym center, and for spa treatment you will get an extra charge. Enough with exploring the beauty of the island, you can also join 90 minutes Catamaran trip to the great barrier reef is world class destination for diving and fishing.

Club Med Lindeman Island

If you are looking for x-factor of this all inclusive resorts, well you are standing on the 690 hectares national park which offering you with hill side scenery in above and soft sandy beach on the below. It is also near Hamilton Island who fame with its holiday adventures. This is family friendly resort, so you will find a lot of kids program. Nut it is not exclusively for family resort since Club Med also offering adult only facilities.

Thala Beach Lodge

If you are looking for natural adventure vacation without hurting the nature, Thala Beach is offering what you need since it is Eco friendly all inclusive resorts. Unlike the Club Med, this resort is ideal place for single and couple traveler. This is the perfect place to catch the beauty of Great Barrier Reef and world heritage forest. The entire bungalow are having stunning panorama, whether it is green forest or crystal blue ocean water. And, even if it is Eco friendly properties, doesn’t mean this resort lose their touch on luxury.