Your Resort Guidance to Maldives Island

Are you ever dream to having vacation where the sand is as calming as the locals smile and surrounded by crystal clear blue oceans? Well, if you said yes, then your answer is Maldives Island. The Maldives consist of 1200 reef island among the most beautiful on the world, and about a hundred of them hosts resorts. The weather is always perfect because every day is sunny days, breezy nights, balmy mornings, and iridescent sunsets. But Having a hundred resort island, sure making us confuse to choose which one is the perfect place to stay. That’s why we are going to give you brief review of Maldives staying place based on the budget option and the type of vacation.

For you who want to get real atmosphere of Maldives Island, staying on resort will be the right choice. Starting from the most luxurious resort is Cocoa Island by COMO. Known as the most luxurious resort in Maldives, make Cocoa island the being favorite destination. Perfect place for couple and having high diving atmosphere. In here, you will stay on the over water bungalow with nice service from professional staff. Its cost from $ 758 per night. And, another great resort is Island Hideaway Spa, Resort & Marina. Unlike Cocoa, this resort have kids that facility make it perfect for family vacation. You could do snorkeling right outside your villa. This resorts cost from $474 per night.

Another place to stay is hotel. As the famous tourist destination, Maldives Island offering you a lot of nice a hotel. One of the best hotel in Maldives is W Hotel Maldives. The hotel is located on the island of Fesdu and each villa seems its own plunge pool, sundeck, and beach. This hotel cost $1,200 a night. Also, One & Only Reethi Rah which have two hotels in Maldives, the Reethi Rah and the Kanuhura. Its cost $1350 ($1050 in May-July) a night for a Beach Villa.

Just like the other, Maldives Island also have guessed house for on budget traveler. The most popular guest house is Fern Boquete Inn and Fuana Inn. Fern Boquete Inn located in Hirudhumagu, Hulhumale. It’s quick drive from airport and having standard facility like AC and hot water. Its cost from $104. And, next is Fuana Inn that located in Hulhumale. Wonderful service and near the beach is bonus that you get considering the price which only over $ 42.

Unlike another tourist destination, the uniqueness of Maldives geographical structure make Maldives Island offering you the unique way to stay. Besides luxurious resort, great hotel and guest house, you also can choose to stay in safari cruise which go around the island. For luxury cruise we have Sachika, a stunning Luxury live aboard in Maldives that would indulge you with choice like a Jacuzzi. The outdoor activities include Night Fishing, Snorkeling, BBQ on desert Islands, Island Hopping, Visits to Resort Islands, Visit to Uninhabited Islands and Local Fishing Villages, and diving. And, for on budget cruise we have Noah. On a relatively small vessel like Noah, you are truly in control of the cruises and the activities.

Viking River Cruises Imperial Jewels China Reviews

Viking river cruises imperial jewels China review will explain you about two types of imperial jewelspackages that being offered by Viking agency. As the largest river cruise agency and the pioneer of Asian river cruise, Viking is already having name in the term of quality and experience. And, now they are trying to enlarge their scope. Not only bringing the unique cruise ship experience in Europe, but the Viking is also trying to provide you with unique way to experience China atmosphere. China is a large country which known for their rich culture and also one of the oldest civilization on the earth. That’s why exploring the beauty atmosphere of China will be great vacation, especially for the culture and adventure traveler. And, to help you prepare your vacation, here are the Viking river cruises reviews.

The first Viking river cruises reviews are about the general package of imperial jewel China. In this package, they will give you six days trip on the river Yangtze, and the remaining eight days will be conducted on the land. The trip is started from Sanghai to Beijing or otherwise. In the first four days, you will be invited to explore Beijing attractions such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Badaling Hills and Hutongs. And, in the end of the day four, you will be shown the key of Tang dynasty victory, the well-known terracotta warrior. The next trip will be on the river, maybe several stop by destination before reaching and stay over for two days in shanghai. Unlike the European cruise ship, the imperial jewel is not really consent on the luxury and amenities. The trip itself is more intended to be adventure and cultural trip. That’s why for people who looking for enjoyment luxurious cruise ship will find it to be little disappointed.

Another Viking river cruises reviews is about the extension package. Well if you found that your trip is really fun and you want to know more about China, the Viking also provide two post extension destinations. The first one is Hongkong and Guilin post extension. This extension is providing the extra one day on Guilin and three days on the Hongkong. The unique local village of Guilin and the busy Hongkong will make your China vacation to be more colorful. The other extension is shanghai Post Extension. This extra trip contain with two days stay over on shanghai. As the metropolitan city and also the heart of China, this extra two days trip will complete you China exploration.

Top Five Phuket Resorts For Family

Well, travelling with a whole family sometimes being more complicated than travelling alone Because you are not only planning for yourself, but also for your family. And, when someone is not satisfied, it will hampering your family vacation. So, you had better find the right place that going to satisfy everybody. And, sure it will be hard since each family member have their own style and characteristic. But don’t worry, we are going to help your research by giving brief resume of best Phuket Resorts with family facility.

Now on the last rank of Phuket Resorts, we have Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort that located in the southern part of Phuket Island. The location is close too many popular activities on Phuket such as kite surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Air-Conditioning, Internet Wi-Fi, Telephone, TV, Hot Water, Hair Dryer, DVD, Bali Style Bath and Safe are standard facilities in all unit. Professional chef and strict selection of food product will give you nice culinary experience. Provide a healthy food and detox programs that make sure the guest could get not only healthy mind, but also healthy body.

Going to number four of Phuket Resorts, we have JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa. Just 15 kilometers North of Phuket airport, make this resort easy to access. Compared with another resort in Thailand, it quite stunning, but if you compare to another five stars JW Marriott hotel, this is too overprice for the standard. The problem is found on guest management and hospitality. But the resort have variety facility for kid in all ages, so it will be point plus during family vacation. The award-winning Mandara Spa will ease you into total relaxation.

And in number three of Phuket Resorts, we have Holiday Inn Resort Phuket which perfectly located in the heart of Patong, the most famous beach in Phuket. It provides daily guest activities and dedicated kids facilities. A refreshing spa and several pools in tropical gardens give choices to relax or be active. It is nice resort with four star quality.

On second rank of Phuket Resorts, we give you Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club with 4.5 star quality of hotel. This resort is located on the renowned Mai Khao beach at the heart of Thailand’s largest island. The suites are exceptional, with a fully equipped kitchen and a lovely balcony. The supermarket in the Turtle Village is only five minutes walking distant.

For the last and the best Phuket Resorts, we have with five star quality of hotel. The villa is beautifully located on a hill overlooking a bay in Phuket. The Thai restaurant at Andara, SILK is a multiple award winning restaurant that serves fantastic Thai food. Staff at reception and particularly in the restaurant are very helpful and spoke good English. The place is perfect place for family vacation.

The Ultimate Beauty of Luxurious Resort on Borneo Island

The ultimate beauty of luxurious resort on Borneo Island is our review of the perfect accommodation that offers the beauty of virgin nature which hand in hand with the beauty of man-made luxury. When it comes to the adventure vacation, people always tend to think that it will be secluded, remote and away from human civilization. But, the Gaya Island resort proves the opposite thing. Inspired by the glory and beauty of the ancient tropical forest, this luxurious resort on Borneo island is trying to offer another side of adventure vacation.

The Gaya is beach resort who picturing the unspoiled beach beauty along its coast. It is not surprising considering the resort location which inside the reserve marine park, Tunku Abdul Rahman. The beauty of the resort also enriched with the tropical background, where you can see and hear numerous wildlife attraction. Just like the land life, the ocean life is offering the stunning attraction too. Starting with green mangroves forest to the colorful reef and aquatic animals. And, the most important part is you don’t have to feel bad with nature because the Gaya Island resort on Borneo is having ecology policy to reduce the carbon footprint. With its lavish decoration, secluded natural area and Eco-friendly policy, this resort is perfect not only for nature lover, but also luxurious and relaxing traveler who want to escape from buzzing and busy big city.

This lavish resort on Borneo is consisted from 121 villas with the unique combination of Sabahan characteristic and contemporary decoration. The villa offers two types of accommodation, hill and seafront villas. The seafront accommodation is faced the Malohom Bay and provide you with scenic turquoise water and white sandy beach. Unlike the seafront with its blue atmosphere, the hill is picturing the green atmosphere of Mount Kinabalu. Each villa is equipped with a large bedroom, spacious open bathroom who has oversized bathtub inside it, and comfy veranda with comfy day bed to help you enjoy the day.

Enough with enjoying the resort on Borneo beauty, now its time to go outside and exploring it by yourself. There are plenty pure activities that you can try in here. For nature lover, discovery program will be nice option. The program is consisted from diverse activities, starting with PADI dive class, fishing excursion where the annual international fishing tournament held, sunset cruise, until guided walk to explore the beauty of rainforest with professional botanist. And, after long exploration day, you can come to balance center where they serve you with relaxing spa and healing activities.

The Journey of Magical Lake Namtso China

The Journey of Magical Lake Namtso China is our brief exploration of the stunning attractions in this historical lake. Despite with its political situation between Tibet and China, the virgin natural beauty of Namtso is too good to be missed by adventure seeker. The national geography put Namtso as top five Chinese lakes that offering enchanted history and beauty. That’s why it is not surprising if the local Tibetan called Lake Namtso as heavenly lake. Situated on the 4,718 meters above sea level, heavenly lake is noted to be the highest lake in the earth. This is also the second largest saltwater lake on the entire China republic.

The journey of Lake Namtso was begun in 12th century when Tibetan Buddhist made this lake as center of the sheep year ritual. Every 12 year, when the Tibetan sheep year come, a large amount of worshiper visit this lake and walking over the surface which frozen by cold winter temperature. They are stayed on the lake until summer end and winter froze the surface again. The worshiper believes if they can do the ritual, all of family member will be blessed by good virtue like healthy, safety and prosperity. It is the reason why this lake, also known as Namtso holy lake, one of the three lakes which being sacred by Tibetan. But unfortunately, you will not see this ritual anymore since Chinese government already prohibit the practice. The modern worshiper is now celebrating the sheep year on the Tashi Dor, a temple which built in the southeast part of the lake.

Unlike the winter time, which offering spirituality attraction, summer is the perfect time to explore the full Lake Namtso potentials. This is the time when the Nyantsentanglha’s snow is melted and fills up the lake with its legendary crystal sapphire water. Combined with the clear blue sky, both of them are creating magnificent fairy land views. The green grassland will attract numerous animals like wild yaks, sheep and cow to come over and enjoy the food. Not only grass eater, you can also see the fish jumping around in the lake and migratory bird is busy finding the perfect place to lay their egg. The five inhabitant islands in the middle of the lake also enrich the attraction with beautiful panorama and grotto. The Tibetan believes that five inhabitant island are symbols of Buddha reincarnation which spreading into five different direction.

The Historical Borobudur Temple

The Historical Borobudur Temple. Borobudur temple is located in Indonesia. It is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Located in the largest Muslim country, sure make you feeling a unique mixed up diversity atmosphere of Buddhism and Indonesian society. Created in 9th centuries for about 75 years by dynasty Sailendra, this temple is proof about how mysterious and magnificent human being can be. There’s never been any clear explanation of why this temple built and abandoned. But know this temple being one of many favorites destination in Indonesia and UNESCO also declared Borobudur temple area as a world heritage in 1991.

The History

A long time ago, due the relationship with India and China, Indonesia was ruled by Buddhism and Hinduism. And, with no modern tools or equipment, the Sailendra built a huge Mahayana Buddhism temple with about 500 Buddha statues and two million stones from the nearby river. The Borobudur temple architecture contain with 3000 relief sculptures that describing the teaching of Buddha and life. Each stage contains different level of human life which are the law of karma, the birth of Buddha, the Jatakas and avadanas, and the last are the journeys of Sudhana searching for ultimate truth. The popular belief said if you could read all the sculpture in each stage and reach the top of the temple, you will get enlightenment about human philosophy. In 14th centuries, The Borobudur temple was mysteriously abandoned. The popular theory believe, it is because a massive conversion of Javanese people into Islam. But another theory said that its happen because the eruption of mount Merapi. And, in 19th century, a British governor of Java, Thomas Raffles discovered the temple. But unfortunately through the revelation of the temple, a lot of treasures of the temple have been traded for private or public interest around the world.


After the reconstruction, Borobudur temple is being used again as a spiritual worship place. Every Waisak or Buddha’s birthday (held in May, when there’s a full moon night), you could see a wonderful and colorful Borobudur temple cultural festival. There’s candle-lit procession, start from the Mendhut temple to the Borobudur. The festival is full with magical and spiritual atmosphere, it is a must be seen activity if you are lucky enough to be in this town during the Waisak. But don’t worry, if you couldn’t visit Borobudur in May, then you could do it in June when there’s Mahakarya Borobudur. Mahakarya Borobudur is performance event where traditional Javanese performer dance and rebuilt the story of conception and construction of the temple.

The Great Wall Of China History Summary

The Great Wall Of China history summary is our brief exploration regarding deep history and fascinated fact of this cultural heritage. Long before human being is invented missile or drones to attack the enemy in war, military are dependent on the simpler way to protect themselves. The principle is quite simple, just let the good people inside and never give the bad one permit to cross the border. This is actually what the Great Wall is trying to do, protect unarmed and innocent civilian from government’s enemy. Even China is not the first one who created this type of defense since Korea, Denmark and Roman empire also do the same thing, but all of us agree that the Great Wall of China is the best one among them. The unique architecture and history who cover it, make numerous legendary tale and incredible claim about Great Wall. Standing for more than 2000 years, this building is a true witness of Chinese history.

The history behind it

Actually, the Great Wall itself is not continually wall, but more like combination of walls from different dynasty and region, starting with Gobi desert to yellow sea. So, to understand the Great Wall of China history, you need to look from each period of construction.

770-476 BCE (Spring and Autumn Phase)
The first period of the Great Wall construction is believed to be built on this phase. On this period, China isn’t the same as China nowadays, it is consisted from seven different states and all of them are run by feudal system. To protect the land, they built the wall along the state border. So, actually the Great Wall of China first constructions itself never be intended as master plan in repelling northern invaders.

475-221 BCE (Warring States Phase)
Since all the states are busy to fight each other, the charm of Zhou Dynasty which being the ruler of the states is starting to fade away. Each state is having their own defensive wall at this time because they need to protect themselves from intense state battle and also several nomadic attack.

221-206 BCE (Qin Dynasty Reign)
Due its continuously victory, the Qin proved themselves as the most powerful one and unifying all the states under the reign of the first Chinese empire. The first emperor Qin Shihuang instructed the northern area to merge their wall, so the Mongolian invader couldn’t reach China. The Great Wall of China in Qin dynasty is lining from Gansu to the Liaoning Province and extend for about 5000 kilometers length.

206 BC -220 CE (Han Dynasty Reign)
After the death of Qin Shihuang, this dynasty is lost their power and being replace by Han dynasty. This is the first golden era after reunification. The northern wall is lengthened and strengthened, especially since the Han dynasty succeeded in conquer several northern nomad territory. The Great Wall of China in Han dynasty is lining 10000 kilometers including Gobi desert on the west. This is definitely the longest Great Wall among the other period. It is not only protecting northern area, but also the silk road which being essential trade route for China.

220-960 CE (Northern Dynasties Reign)
Since the Han dynasty was crumbling down, all the region under it involved on the civil war. The northern nomads invaded and building their own kingdom inside the wall. This period is full of war, the dynasty was changed very often, people inside the Great Wall of China can easily found themselves inside another new wall in the next day.

960-1279 (Song Dynasty Reign)
This dynasty is well known for their effort in developing Chinese trade and economy. They build the wall in western area to prevent Liao invasion, the northern and northwest area also being rebuilding to prevent Xia and Jin. But, the Manchu can get through it and ruled the northern area.

1279–1368 (Mongol Empire)
Well, the Great Wall of China in Manchu era was unable to stop Mongolian from invading China. They begin the Mongolian empire and first non-Han dynasty in China. But, since the previous dynasty already doing good job in building and rebuilding the Great Wall, the Mongolian did nothing to it.

1368-1644 (Ming Dynasty Reign)
The Mongol was falling down and another Chinese Han started the Ming dynasty. They are rebuilding the Great Wall for about 100 years to prevent another invasion from north. Several Great Wall section next to Beijing is built on this era.

After the Ming (1644–now)
The end of Chinese Han dynasty is starting when the Manchu takes over the empire. It is also the end of Great Wall construction, until the Chinese republic began to rebuild and open it to public as tourism destination.

The Fairy Land of Jiuzhaigou Valley Deyang Sichuan China

The Fairy Land of Jiuzhaigou Valley Deyang Sichuan China is one of the best scenic destination in China. It is one of another 33 cultural heritages that spread along the Chinese territory. If you ever watch Alice in wonderland or Peter Pan, then you must be familiar with fairy land concept, a land where everything is colorful, magical and have an exceptional beauty. Well, actually all those characteristic are fulfilled by Jiuzhaigou valley which well-known as fairy land in the earth. With its combination of green forest, crystal blue lake, giant white snow mountain, and unique custom of Qiang and Tibetan people, there’s no other landscape who can perfectly picturesque the world’s idea of fairy tale.

Although this valley is already being inhabited by Tibetan and Qiang for along time ago, the charmingbeauty of Jiuzhaigou valley is never be discovered until 1972. The revelation of this Tibetan holy mountain, change its faith as stunning remote area to be legendary tourism destination which attract more than 7000 visitor each day. There are six different spot in this valley who offering fantastical scenery, they are Heihai, Zharu, Changhai, Nuorilang, Jianyan, and Shuzheng. In the Shuzheng scenic spot, you will find 40 different lakes and each of them possess very different beauty and attraction. Starting with rhinoceros lake that perfect for water activity like swimming and rafting to the reed lake who perfect for nature exploration since it is home of numerous bird species. The beauty of Jiuzhaigou lake is really different from a mere lake, they have varies color which determined by its residue, depth and also scenery around them. Shuzheng also have a stunning waterfalls with giant tree as their backdrop.

Completing its wonderful scenery, Jiuzhaigou valley also offering you rich species of flora and fauna. The natural park is protected almost 30000 hectares area with about 3000 different species of flora. This number is consisted from over 2500 species of higher plants and more than 400 species of lower plant like algae. The rich diversity of flora sure also attract the rich number of fauna. It is home for about 200 species of fauna, and 17 species of them is listed as rare and endangered animal, such as giant panda, blue sheep, marmots, etc.

The beauty is not the only thing that makes this valley become popular destination. With its long history of Tibetan tradition, it is the perfect place to explore Tibetan culture. There are nine Tibetan village in Jiuzhaigou valley, and the popular one is Shuzheng Village which located right above the Shuzheng lake. It is easy to access from the road. In here, you can learn about Tibetan cuisine and custom. There are also several festivals that worth to check like Temple Fair along with spring festival which conducted on first month on lunar calendar.

Sydney Australia Hotels on the Beach

There is no city that can compete with Sydney in mixed atmosphere of harbour and urban city. As a harbour city, Sidney is a place where you can find over a hundred beaches along its coastline. That’s why Sydney become one of the most favorite destination for beach lover, especially surfer since most of the best surfing beaches are in Sydney. Well, for you who planning to spend your vacation in Sydney, I will give brief review of Sydney Australia hotels on the beach. Starting with the most expensive to the cheapest one.

Astral Tower and Residences at The Star, located on the foreshore of harbour. With five star quality of hotel and award winning Astral restaurant, this hotel cost over $ 240. In here you can enjoy the beauty of Sydney harbour with nice service from the professional. And then Crowne Plaza Hotel that located in Coogee Beach. Fame with its hospitality and easy access to the Cooge beach which is one of the famous beach in the world. The hotel cost over $ 211 but considering the service and view, it is worth. Well if you want to experienced the full Bondi atmosphere, you should try Ravesi’s Hotel just across the Bondi Beach. As surfer centre, Bondi have a lot of hotel nearby, but the modern decoration and nice serving make Ravesi’s become the most popular. This hotel cost over $ 278. All of the hotel above is one of the best hotel, but if you want to on budget accommodation without loosing full beach experience, well here few recommendable cheap Sydney Australia hotels.

Manly Guest House is near to Manly Beach and Manly Wharf. Maybe is not as luxurious as the hotel before, but Manly have something that make backpackers satisfied such as free wifi access , laundry facilities and nice staff. This guest house cost from $ 63. Next is the Woolbrokers at Darling Harbour. Woolbrokers have 27 guestrooms that divided into 7 different types. The location is near to opera House and have free amenities that can be use in limited time. It cost from $ 72. And the last is City Resort Hostel that situated in Woolloomooloo, near to Australian museum, opera house and darling harbour which is the heart of Sydney. This building have total 39 numbers of rooms with standard facility like laundry. City Resort Hostel cost from $ 79. As one of the most favorite destination, you can find accommodation everywhere across to the city, but I hope this review could help you found your favorite Sydney Australia hotels near the beach.

Selecting Top Caravan Sites for Summer Weekend

front-imageThe summer weekend is fast approaching. There is plenty of planning to do. Sitting idle at home during the summer vacation is a boring concept. Weekend breaks are very beneficial to relax the body and tired mind. Heading for a caravan park for overnight staying is quite a fantastic idea. Definitely, it’s highly adventurous. But, the right caravan site should be selected. All over the UK, there are numerous caravan sites available. At times it becomes difficult to pick the right site for holidaying purpose.

When holidaying with family that includes kids, the site needs to be carefully chosen. There are specific family caravan parks available in different corners of UK. Pick one from those available parks and head for the destination. Then, there are specific caravan sites suitable only for adults. Those are ideal for activity partners, married couple, escort companion, bachelors, etc.

Caravan storage is also important. Most of the sites feature open-air caravan storage options. While these are less expensive, but does not protect the caravans from natural calamities. There are a few sites that offer the facility of indoor van storage. However, these options are more expensive. But at the same time, the vans are protected from all sort of natural calamities and outside interference. Wales feature nearly fifty sites for caravan camping purpose. Scotland and parts of England also feature several beautiful locations at the countryside for camping purpose.

Moors in England are fine options for caravan camping night outs. Most of the camping parks are located close to the ocean or river. Fishing and rafting are very popular activities during such trips. Parks are also situated close to dense woods. After all, hunting can be quite enjoyable while spending caravan vacation weekend trip. Limo service Melbourne for summer weekend trips, kindly act fast. It is advisable to book in advance to avoid “sold out” status.